You could do this…

Imagine seeing this photo on a cement truck!

Flippin’ through Google Images. (It’s one way I take a break.) Lookin’ for creative ads. And I get really excited when I find a gem like this one. Here have a good look (the caption reads, Cemex Fast Drying Concrete):



Isn’t that exciting? Can you imagine seeing this photo actually painted on the company’s cement trucks? Wow. What incredible impact.
Four take aways that I want us to focus on:  One: I’m sure that this photo didn’t actually appear on the company’s cement trucks. (I searched through Cemex images without success).  Too bad. They spent a small fortune on the creative (done by BBDO Agency in Duesseldorf, Germany) and they could have leveraged the idea – and attracted a lot of media coverage – and (pardon the pun) they would have got a lot more mileage – if they had taken that next step and used it on their trucks. Ah well.
Take away two: Cemex is one of the biggest cement companies in the world. And they could afford to hire BBDO to do the creative. But as I stared at the image, I thought, “You could do that.” These days, all you really need is “the bright idea” – and today’s technology can take it from there. For example, this photo retouching job would be quick and easy for anyone who knows Photoshop. And. As I have mentioned before, for those of us who aren’t Photoshoppers there is – the free program that I use (meaning “anyone could use”) to doctor photos and create graphics.  In other words, “I” could have done this. And this means you could have done it – or could have it done for you, at very little cost.
Take away three: We need to think of our rolling stock as travelling billboards – even if you drive a little sedan, it can/should be dressed up with compelling images/graphics and your web address and telephone number. Fourth take away: we’ve gotta get outta the box (and off the wall), with creative ideas. They make life in business more fun – for our audience and for us – while attracting more business to us, thanks to the buzz we create.

Your call to action

Last week I told you about Pete Luckett, who planted an old fashioned red telephone booth in the middle of his Nova Scotia vineyard – inviting visitors to call anywhere in North America free of charge (there’s “the bright idea”) – and included a graphic of the telephone booth right in his logo (and there’s the mileage). Stop. Take a look at your rolling stock. Your logo. Your business. Could the example of the cement truck trigger a concrete idea for you?
See you Thursday.
Ps – BTW, in the story about Luckett Vineyards, I mentioned how cheap it is to use a toll free number; in this case, I should have said how inexpensive it is for Pete Luckett to use his Canada/US long distance calling plan (rather than toll free number), in offering visitors those free calls. (Just to set the record straight).
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    Good morning, Neil.
    I had a look at the site this morning. It is certainly very interesting, and I’m going to check into how it will work for Mac. Thanks for the tip.

    I wanted to point out that, while the site is called, to get to it you have to use for the address. You can find it by going to, but why not just go straight to the source?

    Thanks for your interesting posts. Keep them coming!

    Laura Sukorokoff

  2. As always, this is really excellent Neil!!! You have endless brilliant ideas and I look forward to working with you in the near future…

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