This weeks Idea: Park ‘n shower?

with Neil Godin

From our friends at Another great example of creative entrepreneurship. This time featuring a business in Sao Paulo, Brazil, called Aro 27. The basic idea is simple: more and more people are taking the bike to work instead of the car. It’s a great way to exercise…and a great way to travel without harming the environment. But. There’s a problem – or two, or more.  For example: Where dyya park the thing? What if you need repair? Whaddya do with all that sweat you’ve worked up?

Aro 27:The Mother of All Bike Cafes?

Aro 27:The Mother of All Bike Cafes?


Aro 27:The Mother of All Bike Cafes?

Aro 27:The Mother of All Bike Cafes?

The answer at Aro 27 is to offer every conceivable service to the cycling commuter – all in one convenient downtown location. Aro 27 offers secure parking and storage. Showers. Bike parts. Bike repair. And a healthy but upscale selection of gourmet foods and beverages. All in a totally bike-friendly, colorful atmosphere that attracts a huge and growing clientele.

Your call to action

Aro 27’s entrepreneurs saw a wave, and caught it. And now they’re riding high. Could you do something similar? There are lots of waves worth watching – and at least one that you could ride. Think: Aging Population. Baby Boomers (that’s anti-aging, Big Time). Green and Sustainable. Fitness. Health Consciousness. Home-based Biz. Social Media. Mobile Anything. Nano Anything. Even (yup, you read it here), biking to work. The key is to look at any niche that interests you. Search out needs that aren’t being met. And meet ‘em.

See you next week.


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