This week’s Idea: This week’s idea is a lot of hot air!

with Neil Godin

Whoaa. Around a curve, and just over that little hill…a car stopper. What is it? Up close and personal (maybe 50 feet above the ground) – it’s the ReMax hot air balloon. Sure I’ve seen it before. But that didn’t stop me from sucking in a huge breath – and saying “wow” out loud – when I saw it again.

My iPhone photo of the ReMax balloon: A stunning example of outdoor advertising.

My iPhone photo of the ReMax balloon: A stunning example of outdoor advertising.

Why is this form of outdoor advertising so effective? Because it’s show biz. It’s an “attraction.” It’s compelling. In fact, you can’t fail to slow down; look up, and gawk.

Your call to action

In doing the work I love most (helping businesses in trouble get turned around), we often use eye-catching  outdoor promotional strategies. These turnaround clients can’t afford hot air balloons, but it’s amazing what you can do with inexpensive options. Here’s an example: A furniture store that still sold waterbed mattresses was going under. One solution: fill a waterbed mattress with helium, paint “SALE” on both sides – and raise it high above the store for everyone to see (as they drove the freeway that ran right past the store). That helium balloon – plus a 100-foot banner along a fence in front of the store, festooned (is that really a word?) with colorful balloons – produced a complete turnaround in less than 30 days.

Are these ideas just a lot of hot air? Or could you use banners and balloons to boost your biz?

See you next week.


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