This week’s Idea: “Psst. Want to buy a house cheap?”

 with Neil Godin

Another email (keep those cards and letters coming). This time from MD Member, and Mortgage Merlin, John Charbonneau – one of the most active mortgage brokerage marketers we’ve ever encountered. And. Here he goes again.

Did this cheap stunt keep a bowling alley out of bankruptcy?

Did this cheap stunt keep a bowling alley out of bankruptcy?

This time, John is using out of the box thinking, plus education-based marketing, to find new and interesting ways to keep in front of his growing audience. He has just released a brand new video (on his “Your Home Matters” YouTube channel), that (briefly) explains the ins and outs of buying homes that are in foreclosure.

Hey. We’ve all heard of the extreme deals to be had, particularly in the US, in terms of buying homes abandoned by owners whose mortgages capsized in the recession. While John’s video takes care to point out that sellers here in Canada are better protected by the courts, he notes that great deals are still to be had – if you know how to find them, and how to conduct due diligence (if interested, he invites you to call him for a referral to a realtor in his network who specializes in court ordered sales).

Here’s the point. You and I are probably not in the market to buy a home in foreclosure right now. But that doesn’t matter. What matters is that John has chosen a topic of real interest to most of us anyway, and choosing an interesting topic of this kind allows John to hit “send” on an email that he knows will be well received – once again subtly reminding us that when we (or someone we know) needs a mortgage broker, we know who to call.

Your call to action 

Are you using email to market your business? If you’re like most, the answer is “yes, a little.”  Meaning that you may send out emails with your monthly specials, or when you’re holding a sale or special event. But that’s what I mean when I say, “a little.” Business “news” emails of this kind are great, of course, and should form the foundation of your data base marketing program. But I also encourage you to build on that base with emails that (briefly) tell interesting stories – in words, pictures or via video links – about interesting projects you’re working on; trends your audience needs to be aware of; ways to maximize the use and benefit of what you sell (with examples), and so on.

Yes. You have to be careful not to overdo it. But we can learn from John Charbonneau’s example. Every email I receive from him contains something of interest – even though I’m not in the market for a mortgage right now. (Oh, in case you want to know about buying a Canadian home in foreclosure, here’s the link to John’s new video: Thanks John.

See you next week!


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