Today’s Challenge: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Or is there?

with Jonathan Christian

What? In the new world of social media, giving out great information and stats is now becoming the norm if you want to gain a great following and become an influencer or “thought leader.” Hosting Meetups, finding and sharing great articles, speaking to groups, and giving free advice over the phone are all part of how I do business. But I’m often asked, “what’s the point of investing all that time when you receive no income in return?”

Why? The “why” is actually on two levels  – on the highest level, I really enjoy helping others, and sharing what I’ve learned gives me a great deal of satisfaction. (You never know when you’ll need to reach out and it sure helps to have deposited in advance). But on the day-to-day work stuff, your reputation and perceived value is priceless in the world of social media networking. A great example is Michael A. Stelzner (@Mike_Stelzner) who publishes The Social Media Examiner. He produces outstanding blogs and articles and has once again published an entire report  (The 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report) – with 41 free pages of priceless research and stats that make you realize that marketing through social media should be one of your highest priorities.  (Click here to see the report).

How? How in the world can you produce this kind of report and give it away? Well, consider this – how much time do you spend preparing for a trade show? Or producing your latest catalogue or website? How much time do you spend on the phone or visiting potential clients hoping that what you have to offer will be a fit for what they need? Now, through SM, that same time and effort can help you find those potential customers organically – and have them come to you. Now we’re talking!

Social Media Examiner

The challenge: We need to refocus how we spend our time. The equation for ROI is becoming far more complex and yet we know from Michael’s report (that you must read) that of those who invest at least 6 hours a week (just 30 minutes a day) in social media over 66% saw a significant rise in their search engine rankings and over half found that their SM activity generated QUALIFIED leads! So people – get writing, blogging and tweeting – it’s worth it!

Not ready yet, or not sure where to even start? Then we can help. You’ve probably heard of the (paid) workshop that I offer on using social media for business. More than 30 local business owners have attended and are now engaged in social media marketing – thanks to investing just one day to get fully set up and running. Our next workshop is coming up a week from today – and we’ve changed venues to accommodate more participants, as the last four workshops were all sold out. We’ve also introduced two additional training assistants, so the ratio of instructors to students is even better than before! We’d love to welcome you on May 12. But please call to register right away. Seating is still limited. Questions? Want more information? I’m here to help – please feel free to call, click or email me today.

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“Social Media 101: How to use social media to ramp up your business!”

Thursday, May 12, in Langley, BC

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course was designed over many months through our one on one training sessions with individual companies. We saw  a great need for big picture understanding as well as hands on learning in regard to social media. We also recognized that small businesses needed this training in social media to be highly cost effective.

So we now offer a one day intensive course to help small businesses owners or their delegates to come join us – in a small group setting – to learn the top 5 routes to instantly gain a social media presence. Bring your lap top and by the end of the day you’ll be fully set up and ready to start engaging with your customers and potential customers through Social Media.

The cost is just $399 for the whole day, including lunch and a detailed workbook to take away.

NEIL GODIN will join us over lunch and will deliver a brief presentation on “How to turn your website into a marketing and sales machine.”

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