Today’s Challenge: No more roaming charges?

with Jonathan Christian @Jdgem

What? One of the great benefits of using Social Media for business is the ability to continue to communicate at any time of the night or day – from wherever you are. As I write this I’m taking a break in sunny Florida, but who knew and who really cares?

Why? Business is no longer a 9 to 5 routine. Thanks to smart phones, we can be actively engaged with our networks and clients whenever we wish. There’s a constant stream of good information and valuable tips flying across cyber space and if you can use these posts to create beneficial information for others, then you will become a trusted source, which in turn leads to referrals and sales.

How? At our monthly Meetups we bring in excellent speakers to share their knowledge and tips and our numbers are growing month my month. Gary Jones (@financialrunner) gave us excellent apps that we can use to do business more effectively on our smart phones – and as a result, many of us have now come to view Gary as a trusted source of help, generally, which undoubtedly helps his business as a financial advisor. Here’s another example. As I travel  I have to deal with the extra cost of roaming on my iPhone. So I searched and found an app called Viber. It gives any iPhone user free talk and text – globally – to any other iPhone user. Now that’s worth sharing. So share I did, and within one day 16 of my contacts also started using it. Do you think they will trust my sharing again? You betcha. And that’s good for my business.

Here are some of the apps Jonathan has recently found or has been told about.

The Challenge –  Today, there’s so much information available that we’re all on information overload. So those of us who can gold-pan and sift out the nuggets will be those who stay top-of-mind for their product or service offering – simply because of their “trusted” status. So, when you come across an article or app that works – go ahead and share it. The reward in paying forward is priceless!

Ps – Speaking of rewards, here is a special offer for all our valued MD readers. As you may know, I teach a workshop on “Social Media 101 for Business” each month, here in Langley, BC. These full day, hands-on workshops have been a great success, with over 50 local businesses attending – and now active on Social Networks. My last class before the summer is coming up June 16. As a way of thanking you for your support and encouraging responses to our Social Media Challenge, we’d like to offer a one-time discount for SM101 #6 of $50 to any of our local readers who have been wanting to engage in social media, but haven’t quite taken that brave step forward. Simply email me at and type “MD I’m ready “ and we’ll book you a seat.  But don’t delay – every class sells out. You can learn more at

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