Today’s Challenge: Are my customers really on Facebook? (Part 2)

With Jonathan Christian @jdgem

Yesterday, I completed my Social Media Master Class with Kemp Edmonds (@kempedmonds), and Mark Smiciklas (@intersection1).  (You can grab highlights by checking out #smmcyvr on Twitter.) Day by day I realize the more you know, the more there is to know! Last week, we started to consider where our audience is at, either in terms of being active users on Facebook – or in a position to be influenced by a trusted person who is. This is a vital question which needs an answer. While Social Media is vastly becoming THE marketing medium of choice – it’s still not the proverbial silver bullet.

What? To illustrate this point, I came across a brilliant marketing campaign last week – The Homebuyers BootCamp – Local Surrey Realtor Chris Shields works with first time home buyers wanting to get into the property market. He’s seen all too many sad stories of young couples going it alone to save money – and seeing their dreams end in disaster. So he’s put together a brilliant concept that targets and helps that very demographic. Before he and I met to talk about using social media (and Facebook in particular), Chris had planned to use an old fashioned on-land approach to marketing his program – placing newspaper ads, buying radio time and printing flyers for delivery to relevant postal codes. All good ideas, but expensive and very hard to measure – and the ROI on such campaigns tends to be very low. When I helped Chris see where his audience is online – and particularly on Facebook – and how easy it would be to reach them, he decided to with an “on-line” program instead.  (It should be noted that Chris is an adventurous, charity focused  and fresh thinking realtor – always wanting to push the boundaries and try new ideas.)

Here’s the lowdown on Chris’s Bootcamp plan:

  • They register an interest in attending Chris’ workshop (coming up June 15) here in our hometown of Langley BC.
  • Chris calls them, and walks them through how he can help.
  • They commit to coming and he sets them up with a mortgage professional to help them get preapproved so they know their price bracket.
  • The workshop has experts from every field related to buying a home – lawyer, home inspector, insurance advisor, etc.
  • Chris will show them the what, why and how.
  • As a “thank you” for coming they receive an exclusive Book of Value which gives them $1500 worth of relevant discounts relating to buying your first home.

Why? Chris has brilliantly positioned himself as the “expert” they need to help them buy their first home. He not only connects with qualified leads but now offers a unique service that in most cases will result in a life long customer relationship.

How? Chris is using Social Media to make all this happen. He has a Facebook page which entices people to “like” his page by offering a free draw for dinner & a movie just for joining (You must check out the way they capture leads, by the way). He then has them on his page and can share further details of what they need to know and how to sign up (Did I mention they can get a free iPad2?).  He also has his specific website, which for this campaign is a single landing page with an excellent Youtube video and Powerpoint-style explanation. It all looks fabulous. Last week, he started with his own lists and asked the question “who do you know” – a tactic we always recommend. He has also aligned himself with other Industry experts who are about to write to all of their lists and share the opportunity.  And, he’s using a Facebook ad where he’s targeted people who perfectly fit his ideal customer profile – discovering a potential audience of over 13,000 possible clients here in Metro Vancouver area. He’s also on Twitter @homebuyersBC. Now that’s smart thinking and a brilliant strategy.

Home Buyers Bootcamp

The Challenge – So how about you? What new product or service or offer do you have to show your target audience? Have you considered using social media? By using Facebook ads you can laser target the eact type of customer you want to reach and provided you offer them an enticing value proposition (and share your message in a “no-brainer” fashion) then why wouldn’t they come to your workshop, open house or special event? This is what I do every day – help my clients tell their story and get their message out. Through our monthly Meetups and weekly blogs we show the possibilities and potential. Is it time for you to catch the wave?

Our next Marketing Dangerously Social Media Challenge Meetup is coming up May 30 here in Langley.

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