Today: The idea of the week is… “The trouble with old fashioned selling”

 > The Situation:
I urge my clients (and you) to stop selling the hard way. Stop calling strangers to introduce yourself. Stop trying to get appointments with these people. Stop making pitches to them. Stop making mechanical “follow-up” calls to them. Just stop it. Why? Because. If you have to convince me (or persuade me) to buy from you, then you’re in trouble. First you found it difficult to get my business. Now you’re going to find it difficult to do business with me. I’m going to be very demanding. I’m going to look for add-ons I don’t pay for. I’m going to be looking for things that prove I was right to be skeptical about buying from you. I’m going to look for and find mistakes. And when I do, you’re going to find it hard to get paid. Got the pitcha?

 > The Idea:

So. Whaddya do? Well, I have a mantra I want to share with you, and it goes like this: "I only want to do business…with people who want to do business with me.” Say it with me: "I only want to do business…with people who want to do business with me.” And how do I find people who “want to do business with me?” I find them through introductions from past clients (and others); through my newsletter and blog–and through my seminars (which position me as an expert that people want to do business with).

 > The Risk:

I hear you. “How can everyone be an expert?” Good question. But. We’re not talking about everyone. We’re just talking about you. And “you” can (and must) be (or become) an expert. Otherwise you’re just part of the crowd–and there is no compelling reason why I would want to do business with you.

 > The Reward:

Get out of the herd. Use attraction marketing. And draw clients to you who truly want to work with you. Do this and you won’t encounter the "hard sell" traumas that I listed above.

 > The Call to Action:

Here is an example. Ken Barrell is president of A-1 Pallet Enterprises in Abbotsford, BC. Ken is a walking encyclopedia of expertise in the pallet industry. And his expertise grows continuously as he consults experts from industry sources like BC Wood Specialty Group. Now, we’re helping Ken turn his expertise into a marketing advantage by starting his own email/blog newsletter–targeted at companies that use pallets–and written by (you guessed it), “Ken Barrell, The Pallet Guy.” Question: Are you sharing your knowledge with potential customers? If not, why not–and–when are you going to start?

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