Today: Here’s an offer I “can’t” refuse.

 > The Situation:
Yesterday I told you about flipping through a coupon book. And I shared both my critical comments, and my positive comments, with you. Today, I want to tell you about a coupon in the same book that really rocks! The advertiser is Meridian Meats and Seafood, a brand-new store in my neighborhood. Their coupon will get a lot of takers. Because. It offers one free 8-ounce boneless and skinless chicken breast. No purchase required. No strings attached. Where’s my coat?

 > The Idea:
They get it. Get people in the door and across the floor. And, in this case, actually trying the product, risk-free. And it sounds like they’ve got a great product. The coupon states, “fresh specialty chickens, raised on a vegetable grain diet, never (in capital letters) fed animal byproducts.” A very compelling message, in today’s nutrition conscious market.

 > The Risk:

Okay, there’s a risk that a lot of people will go into that store; present the coupon; ask for the free chicken breast—and walk out without spending a nickel. Could happen. Pretty risky huh? Actually, not so much. Why? Because in retail marketing, when a new customer “crosses the floor” (enters the store and is exposed to its offerings while taking advantage of a special offer), we almost always see them make additional purchases. This is due to what I describe as “a subtle sense of obligation.” People (that’s us) aren’t really good at pure selfishness. When we get, we tend to give (which also explains a lot of impulse purchases). This fact reduces our risk dramatically.

 > The Reward:

I’m going to Meridian Meats today. I’ll ask for my free chicken breasts. I’ll have questions for them about the source of their chicken. I want to know if they’re free-run. And if any medications are used. And. If the answers are what I suspect they’ll be, I’ll walk out with more than a free chicken breast.

 > The Call to Action:

You get it. Whaddya gonna do with it? See you tomorrow.

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