Today: A (very) loonie idea…

 > The Situation:
Combine an environmental group, an ad agency and a proposed oil pipeline project, and you get…oil-covered loonies? Yep. In the last month, 200,000 Canadians have received “loonies” (the nickname for Canada’s two dollar coin) in their change—with a black oil slick on one side—covering the image of a loon swimming in water. The “oil slick” is  actually a sticky decal—placed on the coins by volunteers—and imprinted with the message: “no,” Why?

 > The Idea:
The idea is to find new, more attention getting, and more personalized ways to get the message out. The environmental group is called The Dogwood Initiative, of Victoria, BC. The ad agency is called Rethink, of Vancouver, BC. And the pipeline project proposes to carry Alberta Tar Sands  oil to the BC coast, where it would be loaded on to ships for transport to Asia. The DI is opposed to tanker traffic in BC’s pristine northern waters.
And the battle lines are drawn.

 > The Risk:

It’s against the law to deface Canadian currency. But. Charles Campbell, of DI says the decals do not actually damage the coin (they simply peel off). And the group is not worried.

 > The Reward:

This exercise in creative thinking has earned the campaign media attention from coast to coast—and around the world—much more effectively than the usual protests and placards (yawn) ever could. And traffic to the website has multiplied.

 > The Call to Action:

Planning a business promotion? In the usual way? Why not “rethink” your whole approach?

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