Today: “Just six days to go…”

 > The Situation:
On March 2, 2009….things change here at Marketing Dangerously…as we grow from a completely free service, to a monthly paid membership service. Wait. Don’t worry. You will still be able to access our daily MD articles—free of charge—on our blog. But our daily emails will only be sent to Gold Members who pay a monthly recurring fee. And only our Gold Members will have access to “The Idea Vault,” a fully catalogued and indexed archive of past MD articles, that you will be able to access by category.

Because you’re a Basic Member now—and because we want you to stay with us as we upgrade to a paid membership program—we are offering you a very low introductory rate for the first year. But. Before we get into the fee part, let me tell you more about what we’re going to do, and what you will receive.

Benefits of your Gold Membership will include a monthly teleclass that I lead. Our first topic—on March 16 at 7 p.m. PST (mark your calendar)—is “Systematic Selling: One of the three keys to recession-proofing your business.”  In the first of these telephone seminars (a $49.50 monthly value), I will share my Sales Planning, Tracking and Forecasting system with you (an additional $250.00 value). This is an exciting, life-saving approach to generating business—where you plan, execute and score your sales activity every week—while others sit around waiting for the phone to ring. (If you are already booked on March 16, no worries, the session will be recorded and available to you at any time—in the audio/video section of your Idea Vault.)

Paid membership also gives you access to our members-only website and “The Business Builders Forum,” an idea exchange where you and I, and other members, have an opportunity to request and contribute ideas, strategies, how-to’s and success stories that we can use to grow our business. This is an invaluable service during a downturn like this one. (Speaking of downturn, The Idea Vault will also contain a complete video of the seminar I presented last week in New Westminster—featuring dozens of things you can do—right now—to protect and grow your business in a struggling economy). Participants paid $97.00 per ticket for this event. But the video will be available to you free of charge).

 > The Idea:
The idea, as we upgrade to a paid membership program is to offer so much value that it’s a no-brainer for you to upgrade with us. So, in addition to The Idea Vault (which is currently a $1400 value, and continues to grow in value every week), and the Teleclasses and Forum, we are also offering you a “signing bonus” of a complete e-copy of the Business Builders Tool Kit—a collection of downloadable CD’s on our approach to marketing—and a pdf handbook of 201 bright ideas titled, “Fast-forward Marketing.” Plus, pdf copies of my guide books, “How to Make Advertising Pay,” “How to market your business on the internet,” “TeleSales Excellence” (“It’s for you”), and “I Object,” 131 creative, hyper-effective responses to key objections in selling.

The total value of our offer to you is over $2000.00. But your membership cost is just $29.50 per month (a one-third discount from the “public” introductory fee of $39.50 per month) on a pay-as-you-go basis. But wait (as they say on TV). If you upgrade to a paid membership right now—before next Monday, March 2—I will also send you a signed hard copy of my book, “Selling in the (Comfort) Zone,” a $30 US value. All at no additional charge (not even a charge for mailing/delivery of my book). Why all the extras? Because we want you to stay with us.

 > The Risk:

Obviously, we risk losing you as a loyal member by moving to a paid membership program. That’s why I’ve loaded up the value—with a wealth of extras that have even greater value now, in a tough economy.

 > The Reward:

Stay with us and you will continue to receive your MD emails each business day—and receive the ongoing coaching tips and creative support you need to protect and grow your business. Special note:  (Of course) we completely guarantee your satisfaction with the new program. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, you can discontinue your monthly membership—at any time—and keep all of the materials you have received.

 > The Call to Action:

I sincerely hope you choose to stay with us as we grow the MD community, and I invite you to upgrade now. When you join, your monthly membership fee of $29.50 will automatically be paid through the credit card of your choice. To join, please click here and then click on the “Join Now” button in the Gold Member Section of the page that you link to. Go on. Take a deep breath. And do it now.
PS – Please note that you will see a Platinum Membership as well. This level is designed for people who need a limited amount of group and personal coaching as well as the Gold Member benefits. Why not start with Gold for now, and consider Platinum later? Oh, and please ignore the MD “Basic” Membership box at the bottom. You are already registered as a Basic Member.
Thank you for being with us.
Neil Godin       

PPS – My apologies to Executive Chef and Owner of Absolutely Fabulous Catering, Lynn Dinwoodie, for misspelling her name in yesterday’s MD (I spelled it Dunwoodie). Don’t you hate it when that happens? Darn. But thanks again for the goodies, Lynn. And see you all tomorrow!

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