Today: “Juice samples at Office Depot?”

 > The Situation:
Shopping. At Office Depot in Langley, BC. When around the corner of the computer accessories aisle comes…a young lady with a tray of juice samples. Juice samples? At an office supply store? Okay. “Whatcha got?” I ask. “Jugo Juice samples,” she smiled. Nice.

 > The Idea:
The idea is action. You can open a franchise outlet like Jugo Juice and sit around waiting for people to come around (to your brand, to your offering, to your location). Or. You can rev things up—fast. When I left Office Depot I did a visual search for the JJ store. Ah, there it is. And went over to introduce myself to owners Patti and Katherine Molloy. I asked Katherine if they did the sampling regularly, and what impact it was having on sales. “A huge impact,” she said (and the store was packed to prove it), “and we do it a lot.” She said that other stores (in this huge outdoor mall) love it—because it gives their customers a special treat that they really enjoy. (My sample was Mango Magic and it was very good).

 > The Risk:

Oops. Katherine stressed that they don’t sample in clothing stores where a juice spill could cause a problem. “And we stay away from other food outlets, where we could be seen as competition.” Of course they asked permission of store owners and managers at first. “But now we’re established and welcome everywhere we go.”

 > The Reward:

Much faster than average start-up growth. And this is so important now, in a soft market, when a niche product can be seen as a bit of a luxury. Way to go, Katherine and Patti

 > The Call to Action:

Okay? This is juice. But. You can sample and test-drive just about anything—and drive sales in the process. So. How can you give prospective customers a taste of what you offer? Got a little Mango Magic of your own?

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