This weeks Idea: Now “This” is Roadside Marketing!

with Neil Godin

Walking down the street. Here in beautiful downtown Langley, BC. When I’m stopped in my tracks by…this:

Ultra - Van - final


“This” is a 1946 Chevrolet Panel Delivery Vehicle owned and restored by Randy O’Grady of Ultra Digital Printing and Signs, here in Langley. What a traffic stopper!  When I returned to my home office I called Randy to ask about this gorgeous example of what we call ‘Roadside Marketing.’ I had questions – and he had answers – that I want to share with you.

Here they are: 

Me: “Where did you get the idea?”

Randy: “I’ve always loved classic cars. It was time to buy a delivery van and I looked at all the usual stuff – the typical 12-foot cab overs…and the cube vans. Just boring. So I decided to go this way.”

Me: “Was it a major restoration project?”

Randy: “Huge. I literally bought the shell, and we took it from there.”

Me: “Most important question: Has it helped boost sales?”

Randy: “Absolutely. People stop by – and even stop us on the street – and ask if they can take pictures. They ask us about our services. Take our cards. And then, days, weeks or months later, we get calls from them, and we see their orders coming in. It’s exciting. It has given us incredible visibility. It’s the best advertising we’ve ever done.”

While Randy isn’t an active member of a classic car club, his delivery vehicle has endeared him to the classic car movement. “We’ve done 13 classic car shows in 2013 so far,” he said, “with more to come.” The shows use Ultra Digital for an array of needs: Printing. Signage. T-Shirts. Banners. Graphic Design. Vehicle Decals – and the list goes on, because Randy’s is a true “full service” shop. Classic car owners and hot rodders also come to him for vehicle decals and décor. And…other business owners are now coming to him to get their own rides wrapped as well. In fact, the delivery van has had a positive impact on every aspect of his business, Randy said.

Your call to action 

When I first met and did a little work with Randy on his marketing a couple of years ago, he was doing well. Now he’s booming – thanks to this idea and dozens of others that flow from his non-stop creative mind. (Example: He heard that Disneyland wanted to move out of the T-Shirt production business. So he flew down and bought up their entire suite of equipment – so that Ultra Digital is now able to produce world class T-Shirts, in house, at extremely competitive prices).

Now. Over to you. I’ve urged you to “wrap that ride” (or at least put a decal on the door), and we’ve shared a lot of great examples (including this one). So. Whaddya gonna do – huh?

See you next week.


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