This weeks Idea: Stay calm. Wine is on the way.

with Neil Godin

I often say to clients and speaking audiences that the possibilities in business – and in marketing – are limited only by our imagination. This week, a perfect example. Read on.



When I first received this image (in an email from Marketing Dangerously member Julie Pender, I assumed that it was simply a bit of marketing genius used by a single wine store to attract attention. But a visit to their website reveals “so” much more. What they’re really doing is creating a massive network of wine store “partners” who get on board by purchasing their own ‘Winebulance,’ and signing on for the total support of the Winebulance marketing team.

Their ambitious plans are highlighted by the fact that they limit partners to “just one Winebulance per postal code” – urging potential partners to sign on before a competitor does so. Brilliant. 

Your call to action:

I don’t have a call to action. Except maybe this: Opportunities really are limited only by our imagination – and while it can be dangerous to sail into uncharted waters, it sure can be a lot of fun – and just think about the potential with this idea. (How many potential partners? Uh, how many zip codes?). Hmm.

Thanks Winebulance. Here’s to your success!

See you next week.


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