This weeks Idea: If drones can serve sushi, can they serve you?

with Neil Godin

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Here is a case in point. London’s Yo! Sushi Restaurant just launched its new ‘Sushi Burger.’ To attract attention they also launched the world’s first flying ‘server’ – a wireless drone aircraft that real servers guide to diners’ tables using iPads. Did they attract attention? Uh, yeh. Here’s what the New York Daily News gushed:

‘World’s first flying tray’ launched

at London sushi restaurant

Yo! Sushi, a Japanese restaurant chain in London, has created the

iTray – an iPad-controlled device that flies through the air to bring food to customers.

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The iTray – an iPad-controlled device, flies through the air to brings food to customers.

The iTray – an iPad-controlled device, flies through the air to brings food to customers.

I’m not even scratching the surface in terms of the publicity they generated. But, at least as important, is the buzz they created in their own local neighborhoods. (Did I say, ‘Sushi Burger?’ Say what?). Their innovations – from sushi burgers to drone servers – are non-stop drivers of customer loyalty. Because. Who wants to go to a regular sushi joint, when they can get entertained while they’re eating their brand new favorite sushi dish – delivered on the wings of the world’s first – well, anything?

Your call to action:

Okay. While I hope this week’s idea is interesting and inspiring, that’s not my reason for sharing it with you. The real reason? Just this: I want to encourage you to look beyond the idea itself – and think about how you (and me, and all the rest of us), can find ways to innovate continuously – in order to hold our present clients’ attention – while creating the buzz that attracts new clients to us. That’s all.

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  1. Hi Neil,

    What a brilliant idea!
    You had to know that something like this was coming sometime in the future.
    Love it!
    Make it a great week!

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