This weeks Idea: Giant snake on city bus rocks Copenhagen

with Neil Godin

I love everything about it. The shock value. The technology.  The creative thinking. And the public reaction. Here. Look at this…

Giant Snake on Copenhagen Bus

Giant Snake on Copenhagen Bus

Now does that – or does that not – look like an actual boa constrictor wrapped around that bus? Look at the detail. The 3D ride-wrapping graphics. And the drama – as the bus buckles under the boa’s powerful grip.

I actually shared this photo with MD readers a couple of years ago, but I came across it again on the weekend and just felt that it (more than) deserves an encore. The occasion? Well. The Copenhagen Zoo had just opened a new reptile exhibit and wanted to promote it with real impact. They turned to local ad agency Bates Y&R, and the Bates team came up with this brilliant idea.

Did it work? Yes. The zoo reported that opening attendance numbers were more than 30% higher than their best case predictions – which were made prior to the boa seizing those city buses.

Your call to action

Well, hmm. I think the real take away for all of us is the word “impact.” If you’re using any form of advertising – print, broadcast, outdoor, or guerrilla – search for great examples on the net (just as I do) – and share them with your ad or marketing agency – or your media rep – and/or your own marketing team. And push everyone to come up with ideas that are really going to get attention. This example is no more costly than any of the “regular” bus advertising you see on the streets of your town – but it’s infinitely higher in impact. And…all you need is a great idea. (Hey, what’s that slithering under your seat?)

See you next week.




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