This weeks Idea: “Double your sales – in 90 days?”

with Neil Godin 

If you’re located in the Metro Vancouver area, pull your chair in a little closer…I have something important to tell you. (If you’re not located here, listen anyway, because you may want to forward this to a business owner you know who does live here – and you may want to hear about a possible “online” version of this event that you could participate in. Okay?).

90 Day Challenge!

90 Day Challenge!

I’m launching an experiment called “The 90-Day Double Your Sales Challenge.” Why? Because I’m curious. Most (not all, but most) of my private marketing and sales coaching clients manage to double their sales in the first few months of our work together – and I’m curious to see if we can achieve similar results with group coaching. So. I’m setting out to find out. And I’m inviting you to join me in this great new adventure.

A bit of background:

For the past 30 years I’ve specialized in marketing and sales coaching for small to mid-size businesses in trouble.  In these turnaround situations, sales always have to be doubled – or tripled – immediately, and at minimal cost.  When I’m working with healthy companies who just want more growth, we use the same strategies to help most of them double their sales as well. 

How do we do it?

In preparing for this challenge, I’ve thought long and hard about how these companies manage to achieve these results. It isn’t magic. In the case of a turnaround, the owner simply has to be totally committed to doing whatever it takes – right now! – to generate profitable sales rapidly. In the case of a healthy company, even more determination is required, because the owner isn’t motivated by the fear of going under (the fear of losing everything is a “very” powerful motivator, and I often tell my healthy clients I wish they were in crisis, too, because we would probably get more done, more quickly. Hmm).

In terms of how we do it, I’ve developed seven powerful strategies – all refined, tested and proven – again and again – in the trial by fire of my work with companies in trouble. My private coaching clients use a combination of these strategies (ranging from daily business development networking and holding events that attract new customers, to email and guerrilla marketing) – as well as dozens and dozens of creative business building ideas that I’ve collected over the years. The result? More than 90% of my turnaround clients survive and thrive (no matter how bad their situation – or how terrible the economy), while most of my healthy company clients manage to at least double their sales as well. Now, the challenge is to see if we can achieve similar results when working with a group of business owners.

This program is “not” for everyone!

The details at a glance:

  • The challenge opens on Wed. May 29 with a “live” workshop in South Burnaby, BC, from 1 to 5 p.m. (short notice, but I want to avoid June holiday conflicts, and I don’t want to wait until Fall to launch).
  • The program continues with a series of online “telecoaching” sessions for 90 days, closing with another live afternoon workshop in September.
  • Participation is “not” automatic. We ask you to call to arrange a telephone interview with me, so we can both be sure that this program is a good fit for you.
  • Our public fee is $497 per person + GST – but Marketing Dangerously members, and our clients and colleagues, are invited to participate for just $297 + GST for the entire program.
  • Participation is limited to just 20 non-competing companies, and two people per company maximum, please (I encourage you to bring a partner you can work with in executing the 90-Day action plan you will develop at the May 29 workshop).

That’s it. So. If it sounds right for you, why not call now for complete details, and to arrange an interview. Here are the numbers: 

Metro Vancouver: 604.888.4570

Toll free: 1.800.563.IDEA (4332)

See you next week.


Ps – Your fee includes an electronic library of my marketing and sales books and guides for business owners.

Pps – Yes. I’m thinking of launching an online version of the program in the Fall. But I feel that this is going to more effective with the two live workshops. We’ll see.

Ppps – Of course we’ve produced a little video that helps to describe the program. Click Here to view it.

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