This weeks Idea: Don’t sit at “that” desk!

with Neil Godin

This week. Short and sweet. But brilliant. Here’s the story…

Leading Edge

Leading Edge

A reception. To celebrate the winners of the Surrey Board of Trade’s annual “25 Under 25” awards, a gala event for young people who have already made a significant contribution to their community. (Thanks for the invite, Anita Huberman, CEO of the Surrey BoT).

Saw so many people I know. And one shared a story with me that I must share with you. Patricia Lessard, proprietor of wildly successful branded apparel and promotional products company, Leading Edge, told me how she manages her priorities – and forces herself to make time for marketing and sales.

“I set up two desks,” she said, “About four feet apart. They are identical. But. One is strictly reserved for marketing and sales – and the other is strictly reserved for administration.”  And, she said, “I make a point of never sitting at the desk marked administration – because I can’t make a cent when I’m sitting there.”

This strategy, of course, drives her to spend more time at her marketing and sales desk. And, It drives her to delegate, sub-contract, or whatever she needs to do, in order to have someone else take (good) care of these other important activities.

(Please bear with me a moment. I’m having an emotional reaction as I write this…I want to cry…a tissue please…I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more moving story of how important it is to make time for marketing and sales – and how to do it.  Thank you, Patricia). 

Your call to action

Okay. I’m back. And I’m feeling pushy. As you know this week marks the start of an experimental group coaching program that I’ve dubbed our “90-Day Double Your Sales Challenge.” Want to know the first and fastest route to doubling “your” sales? Simple. Double the time you spend selling (or more).

Sure. There are lots of other tips and tricks, tactics and techniques – lots of other ways to double your sales as well. But. Imagine what would happen if you pulled a Patricia Lessard – and really spent a whole lot more time at marketing and sales. I “know” what would happen, because of the work I do.

So. Which desk will you sit at?

See you next week.


Ps – We’re happy to report that tomorrow’s launch of our 90-Day “Double Your Sales Challenge” is completely sold out (actually we’re over-sold). Thanks to everyone who signed on for this great adventure – and, to everyone else, “stay tuned.” We’ll keep you updated with the happenings. This is exciting !!

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