This weeks Idea: A turkey is a turkey is a turkey – no more!

with Neil Godin

I’ve been (unintentionally) saving this for you. I say unintentionally because I had tucked it away and just remembered that I want to tell you about it.  “It” being one of the cleverest (is that a word?) examples of creative packaging that I’ve ever encountered. Here. Have a look…

JD Farms’ insulated and branded turkey bag.

JD Farms’ insulated and branded turkey bag.

This is the bag that this year’s Christmas dinner turkey arrived in – from my favorite source, JD Turkey Farms, right here in MyTown (Langley), BC. Here’s why I think it’s so clever:

1.  It de-commoditizes (that is a word) a commodity. A turkey is a turkey is a turkey – no more!

2.  It makes us customers feel a bit special. (Even though their organically-fed, free run turkey is competitively priced, placing it in a silver-insulated black bag, emblazoned with the company logo, turns it into a bit of a luxury item).

3.  It creates buzz. When I brought the turkey to son Vince for his gourmet treatment, the turkey was quickly prepped and placed in a waiting oven – but – the bag was displayed and talked about for hours.

Do the bags help them sell more turkeys?

This kind of hands on marketing is effective. But how effective? To find out I called JD Farms GM, Jason Froese. His reply: “Hard to put a solid number on it – but there’s no doubt that the bags make a difference.”  How does he know? “Because we get such great feedback,” he replied. “Customers treat the bags as a gift, and they hold on to them – they use them as picnic baskets, and coolers for all kinds of things.”

And of course, the more the bags are used, the more they’re seen and remembered – not just by present customers, but by future customers who see the bags in use. So smart. And so affordable. Because the bags save the time and cost of “boxing and icing” turkeys the old way.

Your call to action:

Okay. Over to you (and to me, too). What can we do with our packaging/branding to enhance our image; create buzz; and make our customers feel extra special?  I think I’ll create a super-thin, re-useable wooden bookmark (like one I saw recently at a book store), and enclose one with every copy of my book that I sell. Whaddya think? And. Whaddabout you?

See you next week.


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