Today: “Sock and awe” game’s a big hit!

 > The Situation: A few week’s ago US Prez George Bush dodged a leathery bullet—when a young Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at him during a press conference.  Bad news for the journalist (still in jail). Good news for internet marketer Fubra World in England. Within hours of the shoe pitch, Fubra’s programmers posted a […]

Today: “Passengers may now remove their clothes…”

 > The Situation: Brandon Roe shared another gem, and I’ve got to share it with you. Here’s the story…  A German travel agency called Ossiurlaub, has announced a brand new flight from the city of Erfurt to the Baltic Sea. So? So this is no ordinary flight. Once the plane is airborne, all passengers will […]

Today: Now “this” is an email!

 > The Situation: Just received an email from MD member Marj Bird, a stand-out realtor with Coldwell Banker in the picturesque town of Nanton, Alberta. Wow. What an email. Instead of the usual grey text, Marj’s missive is headed with a huge full color photo of the Rocky Mountains—with her portrait inset at the left—and […]

Today: “Eggs over easy?”

 > The Situation: I’m driving. And daydreaming about differentiation. (It’s an occupational hazard). Imagine, I’m thinking, what would happen if my favorite café offered breakfast with free run eggs. Do you know of "any" café that does? I don’t. Why don’t they? People like me, who like going out for breakfast but seldom do (because […]