Idea of The Week: Bring this coupon with you.

 > The Situation: I shop at Meridian Meats and Seafood, a small chain of four stores here in the Fraser Valley area of Metro Vancouver. On a recent visit, I entered an enter-to-win contest. My entry didn’t win (of course), but that’s not the story.  > The Idea: The story is the little invitation printed […]

Idea of The Day: This is perfect. Have a look…

> The Idea: This is perfect. It’s an email from friend and MD member, Stephen Lin. Of 2Q Creations, a visual design agency. Here in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been advising MD readers (and my ‘live’ clients and audiences) to get on board the O-Train – one way or another – now that the games are […]

Today: “We wrap rides!”

 > The Situation: The place: Burnaby, BC. The company: Sign-a-Rama. The story: Sign-a-Rama stores specialize in “vehicle graphics,” applying ID and advertising graphics to all kinds of vehicles—from cars and vans to trucks and aircraft. But this story is not about vehicles or graphics. It’s about choosing domain names for your website. Read on.  > […]

Today: “Buen Appetito”

 > The Situation: Said it before. And you know I’ll say it again: "Now is the time to take market share from competitors who are not using it." (Because they’ve reacted to the downturn by cutting back on their marketing and sales.) Today’s example comes from our intrepid seminar Registrar, Doreen Brown. She called to […]

Today: “Get you a Margarita?”

 > The Situation: I saw it on CNN. But here it is, word for word, in The Huffington Post (out of Chicago). The headline reads: “’World’s Best Job’ Website Flooded In Final Hours.” And then the story: “BRISBANE, Australia — A lucky 200 people have been shortlisted for the chance to become the caretaker of […]

Today: “Get the clowns out of the kitchen…”

 > The Situation: “It’s time we took breakfast back from the circus clowns,” reads the ad by Denny’s Restaurants. (Placed in Canadian newspapers just a few days ago). The ad continues, “We’re not sure how it happened…but someone decided that pancakes topped with whipped cream, rainbow colored sprinkles, chocolate doo-diddles and gummy animals are the […]

Today: “You want to do what?”

 > The Situation: “You want to do what?” he asked. “I think we should hang price tags from the chimneys,” I repeated. And. After a few moments of stunned silence, he replied, “Why not—I guess?” The scene was a real estate development near Edmonton, during the deep recession of the 1980’s. I was having a […]

Today: Google’s got your number!

 > The Situation: MD member and realtor George Porter, who I mentioned in my article about selling real estate in a falling market—is back on our radar screen. Here, I’ll read you an email he sent me yesterday. “Hi Neil. I just read your Marketing Dangerously article on how to translate text, free of charge, […]

Today: It’s a buyer’s market. Go find buyers!

 > The Situation: MD member and winning realtor, George Porter, told me recently of an associate in his Sutton West Coast Realty office, in Langley, BC, named Judy Singer. I had asked George, “who do you know who is doing exceptionally well despite the downturn?” Judy, he said, “You must talk to Judy.” So. Talk […]

Today: “Nessun evento. Appena un cioccolato.”

 > The Situation: My mouth is hanging open. And I do not believe what I’m staring at. Here, look over my shoulder and I’ll show you what I mean. Okay, I just finished writing the Marketing Dangerously article about Bosa Foods and their “thank you” chocolates. Now, because I typed the word “mercado” in the […]