Idea of The Day: Help! My burger’s been stolen!

>The Idea: On Tuesday I told you about the eye-stopping mannequin painting a ‘Do It Yourself and Save’ message on the outside wall of the D.I.Y. Cabinet Warehouse store in Burnaby, BC. Today, I’m delighted to share a follow-up story from MD regular Gordon Skillen (Executive Director of The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada). […]

Today: “Get you a Margarita?”

 > The Situation: I saw it on CNN. But here it is, word for word, in The Huffington Post (out of Chicago). The headline reads: “’World’s Best Job’ Website Flooded In Final Hours.” And then the story: “BRISBANE, Australia — A lucky 200 people have been shortlisted for the chance to become the caretaker of […]

Today: “If temptation hits, call me!!”

 > The Situation: I’m working with a brand new consulting client. The company is hurting—thanks to the free fall in the housing market. Challenge: How to rebuild business in a down economy. Solution: (As always). Look for ways to take market share from those who are not using it (i.e. competitors who have cut back […]

Today: Provocative? You bet. But did it work?

 > The Situation: Today’s topic: Advertising. And how to make it work. Case in point: I picked up a copy of the local rag a couple of weeks ago—and was struck in the eye by a banner ad across the bottom of the front page. More accurately, I was struck by the photo in the […]

Today: “Mr. Lube: Marketer of the Year!”

 > The Situation: Mr. Lube. Ah, one of my all time favorite clients. When I worked with them (about a billion years ago) they were already No. 1 in the oil change biz—but founder and then CEO, Ted Ticknor, was determined to take it up another notch. Now, reading my monthly copy of Marketline (published […]

Today: “Do you own gold?”

 > The Situation: I was driving along, listening to KPTK Radio (AM 1090) in Seattle.  When I heard two ads, back to back. One was from ITM Trading Inc., promoting investing in gold. The other was from a company I hadn’t heard of before, and whose name I didn’t catch. Because. I was paying too […]