Today: “Nessun evento. Appena un cioccolato.”

 > The Situation: My mouth is hanging open. And I do not believe what I’m staring at. Here, look over my shoulder and I’ll show you what I mean. Okay, I just finished writing the Marketing Dangerously article about Bosa Foods and their “thank you” chocolates. Now, because I typed the word “mercado” in the […]

Today: “No occasion…just a chocolate.”

 > The Situation: I just left Bosa Foods, the great Italian style super mercado, off Boundary Road in Vancouver. I love the ambience of this place. The cheeses. The breads. The olive oils. The deli. The outdoor café—especially on a warm sunny day (does anyone remember those?). And…now I have a story about Bosa that […]

Today: “A nice, light, white wine sauce…”

 > The Situation: The scene: A nice little restaurant. At the Linkletter Motor Inn. Summerside, Prince Edward Island. Just before a speaking engagement. I said to the server, "I’m in a real hurry. Hungry, but can’t eat too much, because I’ll be speaking and don’t want to be weighed down… ” She replied, “do you […]