Today’s Challenge: Are my customers really on Facebook? (Part 2)

With Jonathan Christian @jdgem Yesterday, I completed my Social Media Master Class with Kemp Edmonds (@kempedmonds), and Mark Smiciklas (@intersection1).  (You can grab highlights by checking out #smmcyvr on Twitter.) Day by day I realize the more you know, the more there is to know! Last week, we started to consider where our audience is […]

Today’s Challenge: Are my customers really on Facebook?

With Jonathan Christian I spent an incredible day yesterday at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, in a Social Media Master Class with two excellent guys, Kemp Edmonds @kempedmonds, and Mark Smiciklas @intersection1 (if you don’t follow them on Twitter you should!) You can also grab some excellent nuggets of wisdom by checking out #smmcyvr on […]

Today’s Challenge: There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Or is there?

with Jonathan Christian What? In the new world of social media, giving out great information and stats is now becoming the norm if you want to gain a great following and become an influencer or “thought leader.” Hosting Meetups, finding and sharing great articles, speaking to groups, and giving free advice over the phone are […]

Today’s Challenge: Use social media to enter a brand new market!

With Jonathan Christian and Amanda Munro As you know Neil and I host a “live” monthly gathering here in our home town of Langley BC. Last Monday, even though it was part of the Easter weekend we had 55 entrepreneurs join us to learn how to use their smart phones for business. Each month […]

Today’s Challenge: Want to get started on Foursquare? Ask customers to help!

With “Mayor” Jonathan Christian What? You probably don’t know this, but last Saturday, being the 16th of April (or 16.4), was “Four-squared Day!” This was a great opportunity for the makers of the social media platform Foursquare, to “shout out” about their mobile app and encourage users all over the world to host an event. […]

Today’s Challenge: Harness the power of

With Jonathan Christian I had lunch yesterday with Owen Clark, founder of the Byzhub network – great guy! – and great timing – because this is where the “social” in “social media” comes into play. I’ve followed Owen for over a year on Twitter because he runs a Vancouver group with a similar aim […]

Today’s Challenge: Can QR Codes drive customers to your business?

With Jonathan Christian @jdgem What? A couple of weeks back I wrote about QR (Quick Response) Codes; where they originated and what they’re for. They’re like a bar code on steroids and can hold a tremendous amount of information. Basically, you scan the image through your smart phone and it takes you directly to a […]

Today’s Challenge: I’m with Al!

with Jonathan Christian We once again hosted a Meetup to a tremendous group of entrepreneurs here in Langley BC on Monday evening. A packed coffee shop was self evident as to the desire and need to know more about how to be able to utilize Social Media for Business. What? My specific presentation was on […]

Today’s Challenge: A bear. In your face. Do you shoot it?

with Danielle T What? You’ve seen video on the internet before. But you’ve never seen it like this. Go (now) to this YouTube video (click here) and you’ll see what I mean. Isn’t that amazing? Tipp-Ex, a popular white-out brand in Europe, has created one of the most elaborate interactive videos I’ve ever seen, and […]

Today’s Challenge: QR Codes: Get ready for a new way to communicate!

with Jonathan Christian What? You may have seen recently, on a fast food flyer, or a business card, or in a newspaper, an unusual black and white square with lots of small shapes and white spaces. When I first saw one, I thought if I screwed up my eyes I would see a 3D image! […]