This weeks Idea: Not sure about holding an event? Check out this one!

with Neil Godin  Lunch. At my favorite spot (The Beach House at Dundarave Pier in West Vancouver). With one of my (very) favorite people – Sarah Taylor, Ladies Floor Buyer, Merchandiser and Manager at The Choice (board and more store) in Cranbrook, BC. This was fun. Sarah was bursting to tell me all about the […]

This week’s Idea: Is there anything that Angie isn’t doing?!?!

Well Seasoned Christmas gift

with Neil Godin It all started innocently enough. I was enjoying dinner with my neighbor Sandi, when I spotted an envelope that looked like this: It was hard to photograph, and it’s also a bit hard to read. So. Let me read it for you…  Basically it tells Christmas holiday shoppers that if they return […]

Jonathan’s new 90 Day Social Media Challenge Is off and running. Let’s catch a ride!

Social Media Wheel of Fortune

with Neil Godin As I mentioned last week, our colleague Jonathan Christian has renewed our initial 90 Day Social Media Challenge (is there a book proposal in here somewhere, Jonathan?). To get the full benefit of Jonathan’s SM wisdom, I urge you to visit his website at where you can sign on for his […]

This week’s Idea: Should you (could you) run a contest?

Billy Carpenter-Design a wine wall contest-MD

with Neil Godin  Our client, colleague and friend, Billy Carpenter, proprietor of Vin de Garde Modern Wine Cellars Inc. here in Vancouver, amazes us (again). This time with a contest inviting designers to submit their ideas for a wall mounted wine display system that Vin de Garde will manufacture. This is serious. The winner of […]

Today’s Challenge: Postal strike? Social Media to the Rescue!

By Jonathan Christian Have you noticed an upturn in the economy? Thanks to a snail mail strike here in BC we have more time to do business because we don’t have to go to the mailbox and go through all of that high cost/low ROI Junk Mail. What? We have no mail but of course there are still […]

Today’s Challenge: “Fan-dom” of the Opera? Check this out!

with Neil Godin What? You may think that opera is a bit stodgy. But park that thought. And take a good look at what Vancouver Opera is doing with social media. If you’re looking for ideas on how to use SM – in every possible way – to drive traffic and sales, it’s hard to […]

Idea of The Week: Got a problem? There is ‘always’ a solution!

with Neil Godin >The Situation: Times are tough in debt-shattered Ireland. Tens of thousands of young adults are fleeing the country in search of jobs – as the country’s economy goes from bad to worse. But one frustrated job hunter, 26-year-old Feilim Mac An Iomaire, has refused to leave – and has captured the nation’s […]

Today’s Challenge: Don’t give up!

With Jonathan Christian (@jdgem) Just home from a much needed break. It’s always good to take time to relax, reflect, and refocus – a different set of 3R’s but very relevant for our times. What? With the work I do I’m never really on vacation (and I’m ok with that). I have a handful of […]

Today’s Challenge: No more roaming charges?

with Jonathan Christian @Jdgem What? One of the great benefits of using Social Media for business is the ability to continue to communicate at any time of the night or day – from wherever you are. As I write this I’m taking a break in sunny Florida, but who knew and who really cares? Why? […]

Today’s Challenge: In Vancouver they’re all of a Twitter

with Jonathan Christian What? Vancouver – host city to the 2010 Winter Olympics & now home to the Stanley Cup Finals! If you live anywhere in the Pacific Northwest you’re most likely caught up in the wave of Stanley Cup Fever. The media is in a frenzy and so are the social media airwaves. Thanks […]