This weeks Idea: You’ve got to be visible – but “this” visible?

Hong Kong street scene. Should our streets be this colorful?

with Neil Godin  An email. From Marketing Dangerously member Len McCormick. With tongue firmly in cheek he writes: “Here are some marketers who know all about getting the message out.  They obviously also don’t have any signage restrictions.  Perhaps we should lobby politicians for changes that will ensure all of our streets can be this vibrant?” Len […]

This week’s idea: Okay. “This” is Roadside Marketing!

Roadside Hockey sign in Langley, BC

with Neil Godin It stopped me in my tracks. I pulled a left. Into a cul de sac. Turned and went back up the street. Turned into a dusty parking lot. Stopped the car. Grabbed my iPhone. Jumped out and captured this: Are you as excited as I am? Isn’t this brilliant? It isn’t really […]

Idea of The Week: Don’t drive, just drink?

>The Situation: MD Regular, Joyanna Anthony (aka “The Idea Lady”), has done it again. “It” is sending us an idea so good we had to pass it on – and here “it” is…. >The Idea: The idea is hitch hiking – taking a free ride on advertising that someone else is paying for (as we […]

Idea of The Week: Need to dump the junk?

>The Situation: Maybe this idea is old (if it isn’t, it’s so good it should be), but it’s brand new to me. Driving through picturesque Fort Langley village on Sunday. The car (almost) stopped itself as I stared at a sign on a telephone post. It read, simply, “Garage Sale.” With a huge red arrow […]

Idea of The Day: Quick. Why is this toilet on a roll?

>The Idea: We’ve been talking about traffic-stopping signs and landmarks (like the world’s biggest hockey stick) lately. Today, we turn our attention to whatcha got on your vehicle. And (thanks to MD regular Bill Grant) we’ve got a great example – not just of traffic-stopping signage, but of genuinely dangerous marketing. Here’s the photo Bill […]

Idea of The Week: Now ‘this’ is an eye-catcher!

>The Situation: Last week, I talked about communities branding themselves as having “The World’s Biggest Hockey Stick,” (or Easter Egg, or Fly Rod) – and I mentioned a western apparel store that boasts “The World’s Largest Cowboy Boot” – standing right outside its door. Today, another example, this time closer to home. If you live […]

Idea of The Day: Like licking an ashtray?

> The Idea: When we’re advertising, or describing ourselves, it helps to choose memorable words that paint vivid, compelling pictures. And humor helps as well. Here are a few more examples, just for fun: a muffler shop reader board states, “No appointment necessary. We hear you coming.”  On a Plumber’s truck:  "We repair what your […]

Today: Trucks that tell the story.

 > The Situation: Yesterday I talked about “feature vs. benefit” in advertising (in a story about Econo Storage of Langley, BC, titled, “Got Space”). Today, a similar story. The scene: Calgary, Alberta. The subject: A delivery truck. And on the back and sides of the truck? Messages that pinpoint the reason (the benefit) of doing […]

Today: Is Vancouver hosting an athletic event?

 > The Situation: I’m driving into Vancouver. I’m looking straight ahead. I’m trying not to see the “Welcome to Vancouver” sign—just over there to my right, on Grandview Highway. I’m almost past it. I’m going to pass it without looking this time. No. Darn. I couldn’t do it.  > The Idea: The idea is understating […]

Today: “Nessun evento. Appena un cioccolato.”

 > The Situation: My mouth is hanging open. And I do not believe what I’m staring at. Here, look over my shoulder and I’ll show you what I mean. Okay, I just finished writing the Marketing Dangerously article about Bosa Foods and their “thank you” chocolates. Now, because I typed the word “mercado” in the […]