This weeks Idea: Skip all that marketing. Just go get customers!

with Neil Godin I just received a call from an MD member who said he desperately wants to open new markets. His high end product can only be used by a small percentage of buyers, and he feels that they’ve got about as much market share as they’re going to get here in OurTown (Vancouver, […]

This weeks Idea: Don’t sit at “that” desk!

Leading Edge

with Neil Godin This week. Short and sweet. But brilliant. Here’s the story… A reception. To celebrate the winners of the Surrey Board of Trade’s annual “25 Under 25” awards, a gala event for young people who have already made a significant contribution to their community. (Thanks for the invite, Anita Huberman, CEO of the […]

Idea of the Week: Take control of the selling/buying process

with Neil Godin Just got off the phone with a new sales and marketing coaching client. “So frustrating,” he groaned. “So frustrating.” (Long pause). And then he went on to tell me a sad, sad story that I have heard so many times before. Has what happened to him ever happened to you? Have you […]

Today: “May I help you?”

 > The Situation: A radio interview. On My first internet radio interview. And I really enjoyed my hour-long chat with Marilyn Anderson, host of a show called “People, Books and Biz” with (of course) Marilyn Anderson. The highlight of the show (for me) was sharing a little story about a menswear store that was […]

Today: Recession? What recession? (Part 1: Fear helps!)

 > The Situation: When our events coordinator, Jonathan Christian, asked star DJ (and president of Spitfire Studios Network), Adam Bradley, how he is handling the downturn in the economy, Adam replied, simply, “fear and intimidation.” Huh?  > The Idea: The idea, Jonathan told me, is that when people call Adam to ask about DJ services […]

Today: It’s a buyer’s market. Go find buyers!

 > The Situation: MD member and winning realtor, George Porter, told me recently of an associate in his Sutton West Coast Realty office, in Langley, BC, named Judy Singer. I had asked George, “who do you know who is doing exceptionally well despite the downturn?” Judy, he said, “You must talk to Judy.” So. Talk […]

Today: “What’s another 70 years…”

 > The Situation: I was driving at the time. Couldn’t get my audio recorder out and in action fast enough. So the details are a bit sketchy. But here is the situation. Penfolds Roofing president, Ken Mayhew—famous for his radio commercials with radio station CKNW sports director and jockshock, Neil Mcrae (if “jockshock” isn’t a […]