Today: “May 2009 be your best year ever!”

 > The Situation: It’s a brand new year. And here at MD we’re excited. Why? Because at long last we’re ready to launch “Marketing Dangerously Gold.” MD Gold is the paid membership version of your e-letter/blog—and it adds huge value to the basic version. But wait. Don’t panic. The free version will continue—it will simply […]

Today: “Ho, Ho, Ho, and Merry Christmas (or…)”

 > The Situation: It’s (almost) Christmas, 2008. And we at MD want to wish every one of you a warm and wonderful holiday season—whether that means Christmas. Or Hanukah. Or just a wonderful time with family and friends. We also want to thank you for a great year here at MD. We finally achieved our […]

Today: “Do I really want to be deleted?”

 > The Situation: It’s an email. From Kristi Sheraton of Precision Disc Manufacturing in Surrey, BC (makers of the type of CD discs that we use in our Business Builders Tool Kit). And I’ve re-read it four times. Because it is so plain, so simple, and so smart. It starts out by saying…”We have your […]

Today:“Fries with that bicycle?”

 > The Situation A bit of nostalgia. I was asked to help outside sales reps ramp up their numbers at Norco Bicycles a few years back. And I just stumbled on a newsletter that Norco circulated to its independent bicycle dealer (IBD) customers when I was working with them. And. The newsletter reminded me of […]

Today: This joke of the week is no laughing matter

 > The Situation Customer loyalty. It’s the brass ring. The holy grail. Olympic Gold. And it’s supposed to be impossible to generate in today’s era of cut-throat competition and endless choices. But I know that loyalty can be won. And I urge my clients to start every new customer relationship with one single goal in […]