Idea of The Week: Any excuse will do – and I mean it!

 > The Situation: I mean it. Just about any excuse will do when you’re serious about attracting new customers. Any excuse to do what? To give ‘em a compelling reason to try you – or to try you out ‘again’ if they’ve sampled, but still haven’t bought. Here’s an excellent example.  > The Idea: It’s […]

Idea of The Week: A hundred Dollar Hamburger? Believe it!

 > The Situation: An invitation. From neighbor and regular MD contributor, Sandi Gray. To watch the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice. I go. We watch. It’s fun. And (of course) we talk about Marketing Dangerously. Why?  > The Idea: Because it was dangerous for the men’s team to price their burgers at $100 per – […]

Idea of The Day: They do it for staff – why not for customers?

> The Idea: I needed an ink cartridge. My usual computer shop didn’t have it. In fact, their stock of cartridges could be called skinny at best. So. I drove to a nearby competitor’s store. They had what I needed now, and what I will need in future. Good find. Cheerful clerk. “First time with […]

Idea of The Day: A passion for ‘Junk Style’ & ‘Shabby Chic’

> The Idea: Last week I told you how HomeGoods stores engage customers by inviting them to share photos of the unique pieces they buy – once they are in place in their homes. This week, a twist and turn finds us in our own backyard, here in Langley, BC. After reading last week’s article, […]

Today: Want to succeed? Stop going to work!

 > The Situation: Billy Carpenter. Wine expert. Sommelier. Proprietor of Vin de Garde Cellar Systems in Vancouver–and a brand new marketing client. At our first meeting Billy said, "we’re doing okay, but I’m worried — because the phone has stopped ringing." Then we need to get you away from the phone, I said. He looked […]

Today: They came through…

 > The Situation: A couple of days ago, I told you about a coupon offer that I found in a coupon book (oddly enough). It was from a store called Meridian Meats and Seafood. And. As you may recall, they made me an offer that I could not refuse. So. I took that coupon into […]

Today: Here’s an offer I “can’t” refuse.

 > The Situation: Yesterday I told you about flipping through a coupon book. And I shared both my critical comments, and my positive comments, with you. Today, I want to tell you about a coupon in the same book that really rocks! The advertiser is Meridian Meats and Seafood, a brand-new store in my neighborhood. […]

Today: “May I help you?”

 > The Situation: A radio interview. On My first internet radio interview. And I really enjoyed my hour-long chat with Marilyn Anderson, host of a show called “People, Books and Biz” with (of course) Marilyn Anderson. The highlight of the show (for me) was sharing a little story about a menswear store that was […]

Today: Not “that” kind of bonus…

 > The Situation: Given the AIG debacle, "bonus" is a bad word right now. But not for everybody.  > The Idea: The idea is nudging cautious buyers off the sideline and onto the playing field. In this case, the seller is none other than the uber sophisticated Ritz-Carlton. Here’s their headline in a Globe and […]

Today: “Pass the Kleenex please…”

 > The Situation: I’m in Kelowna, BC. Doing a marketing seminar for members of BC Wood Specialties Group (the people who do something to wood before they sell it—as in flooring, furniture, log and timber frame homes, cabinetry, etc. Great products. Great people. Great day). Now it’s evening. Time to relax. I turn on CNN. […]