This weeks Idea: Sick of getting no reply to your emails?

The Scream, an 1893 painting by Edvard Munch. Ever feel this way?

with Neil Godin  One of my favorite clients. On the phone. Frustrated. Confused. Resentful. Why? “It’s maddening,” he said. “A prospective customer called me…told me he wants to get to work with me right away. He’s out of town. I told him I have other work to do in his area, and would get back […]

Idea of the Week: Take control of the selling/buying process

with Neil Godin Just got off the phone with a new sales and marketing coaching client. “So frustrating,” he groaned. “So frustrating.” (Long pause). And then he went on to tell me a sad, sad story that I have heard so many times before. Has what happened to him ever happened to you? Have you […]