This weeks Idea: Skip all that marketing. Just go get customers!

with Neil Godin I just received a call from an MD member who said he desperately wants to open new markets. His high end product can only be used by a small percentage of buyers, and he feels that they’ve got about as much market share as they’re going to get here in OurTown (Vancouver, […]

Idea of The Day: Smith Construction takes references to a whole new level!

>The Idea: I’ve never seen anything like it. In this case ‘it’ is a letter. From Greg Smith of Smith Construction (in Coquitlam, BC). With a sheet of paper attached, listing 22 companies that Smith Construction has worked for. On the left, the list of companies. In the middle, a list of the CEO’s, owners, […]

Today: Want to succeed? Stop going to work!

 > The Situation: Billy Carpenter. Wine expert. Sommelier. Proprietor of Vin de Garde Cellar Systems in Vancouver–and a brand new marketing client. At our first meeting Billy said, "we’re doing okay, but I’m worried — because the phone has stopped ringing." Then we need to get you away from the phone, I said. He looked […]

Today: Ab Fab Desserts? “Absolutely Fabulous!”

 > The Situation: A (big) room full of business people. At our sold-out seminar last week (on recession-proof marketing). In New Westminster, BC. This was an afternoon seminar that went longer than our usual (all the way from 1 to 5). Which is good. Except that this time I had forgotten to buy energy bars […]

Today: Dave’s on a Roel?

 > The Situation: Dave Roels isn’t just a photographer. He’s an institution. As the “Official Photographer In Residence” at The Vancouver Board of Trade, Dave meets, greets (and photographs), just about everyone who’s anyone—locally, and from around the world. He has a very busy and successful business. A huge client list. And a constant flow […]

Today: It’s a buyer’s market. Go find buyers!

 > The Situation: MD member and winning realtor, George Porter, told me recently of an associate in his Sutton West Coast Realty office, in Langley, BC, named Judy Singer. I had asked George, “who do you know who is doing exceptionally well despite the downturn?” Judy, he said, “You must talk to Judy.” So. Talk […]

Today: Skip all the marketing–just go get some customers!

 > The Situation Can we skip all this marketing and sales stuff, and just go get some customers? Yes. Of course. My clients do it all the time. And so can you. Here’s the story: A Marketing Dangerously member called me and said he was in a real conundrum. Wassup, I asked. Seems they make […]

Today: “You scratch our back…”

 > The Situation I recently told you about Threadless T-Shirts, the on-line purveyor of all things related to cool Tees that aren’t just plain white. When last we spoke of Threadless, our theme was “customer engagement,” and I told you about their strategy of inviting customers (whether they are professional artists, designers, or just plain […]