Idea of The Day: Check this out!

> The Idea: I’m excited. And I don’t know where to start. Okay. At the beginning. An email arrives from MD member, Rev. Angelica Taggart. It says, “Just moved to Baltimore, MD and in looking for furniture stores on line, came across this one.” And what a find. > The Key Point: Rev. Angelica is […]

Today: Want to succeed? Stop going to work!

 > The Situation: Billy Carpenter. Wine expert. Sommelier. Proprietor of Vin de Garde Cellar Systems in Vancouver–and a brand new marketing client. At our first meeting Billy said, "we’re doing okay, but I’m worried — because the phone has stopped ringing." Then we need to get you away from the phone, I said. He looked […]

Today: Not “that” kind of bonus…

 > The Situation: Given the AIG debacle, "bonus" is a bad word right now. But not for everybody.  > The Idea: The idea is nudging cautious buyers off the sideline and onto the playing field. In this case, the seller is none other than the uber sophisticated Ritz-Carlton. Here’s their headline in a Globe and […]

Today: “Pass the Kleenex please…”

 > The Situation: I’m in Kelowna, BC. Doing a marketing seminar for members of BC Wood Specialties Group (the people who do something to wood before they sell it—as in flooring, furniture, log and timber frame homes, cabinetry, etc. Great products. Great people. Great day). Now it’s evening. Time to relax. I turn on CNN. […]

Today: “Enter to win–big!”

 > The Situation: One of my favorite business turnaround stories. The scene: An industrial supply business in Southern Ontario. During the huge recession of the 1980’s. Can’t mention the name because it was a turnaround (and they sold to one of "The Big Guys" a few years after we did this). Here’s the story.  > […]

Today: Who said there’s no free lunch?

 > The Situation: Our intrepid webmaster/programmer, Stephen Young, sent me a recent copy of (the online edition of the Toronto Star), headlining the story of a Montreal restaurant that is pulling out all the stops in an effort to survive the recession. Their current promotion: Free lunch (or “whatever you want to pay”). Read […]

Today: A “last minute club” for ad space?

 > The Situation: Many of us believe that recessions are at least partially media driven. I started my career as a newspaper journalist and I know that bad news sells papers. (In fact, a bad news day was called a “good news” day.) Anyway. Let’s say that this is at least partially true. Then. Let’s […]

Today: “Get the clowns out of the kitchen…”

 > The Situation: “It’s time we took breakfast back from the circus clowns,” reads the ad by Denny’s Restaurants. (Placed in Canadian newspapers just a few days ago). The ad continues, “We’re not sure how it happened…but someone decided that pancakes topped with whipped cream, rainbow colored sprinkles, chocolate doo-diddles and gummy animals are the […]

Today: A simple little thing…

 > The Situation: Lunching at my favorite Chinese Restaurant. The owner comes by. Admonishes me for being a workaholic (I always bring homework with me). I ask him, “are you feeling the recession?” Big time, he replies. What does that look like in your case? I ask. Biggest effect, he tells me, is on home […]

Today: Recession? What recession? (Part 1: Fear helps!)

 > The Situation: When our events coordinator, Jonathan Christian, asked star DJ (and president of Spitfire Studios Network), Adam Bradley, how he is handling the downturn in the economy, Adam replied, simply, “fear and intimidation.” Huh?  > The Idea: The idea, Jonathan told me, is that when people call Adam to ask about DJ services […]