Today: “Mr. Lube: Marketer of the Year!”

 > The Situation: Mr. Lube. Ah, one of my all time favorite clients. When I worked with them (about a billion years ago) they were already No. 1 in the oil change biz—but founder and then CEO, Ted Ticknor, was determined to take it up another notch. Now, reading my monthly copy of Marketline (published […]

Today: “Passengers may now remove their clothes…”

 > The Situation: Brandon Roe shared another gem, and I’ve got to share it with you. Here’s the story…  A German travel agency called Ossiurlaub, has announced a brand new flight from the city of Erfurt to the Baltic Sea. So? So this is no ordinary flight. Once the plane is airborne, all passengers will […]

Today: “Monster truck show…this weekend”

 > The Situation: Do you remember me telling you about the stunt that publicists pulled in New York City, when they launched Spiderman Three? (Where they plucked one urinal from a long row in each public washroom and hung it from the ceiling—with a sign that said, “Spiderman Three, Starts Friday”). Well here is another […]

Today: “It’s a whole new world…”

 > The Situation: Yesterday was Grey Cup Day in Canada—an unofficial national holiday—with the cup won by Calgary (way to go, Calgary—unless you’re a Montreal fan). This brought to mind a brief article in Marketing News, the American Marketing Association monthly mag—which tells about Doritos’ plan to offer a $1 Million dollar prize to the […]

Today: “Don’t keep it to yourself!”

 > The Situation Yesterday, I mentioned a bed and breakfast in Langley, BC, that earned a third of a page of coverage in The Province newspaper, Vancouver’s second-largest daily. Today, their story.  > The Idea Free publicity not only raises your profile and promotes your business—at zero cost—it also enhances your credibility. In this case, […]

Today: “A sassy statement for sustainability”

 > The Situation Page 10. In Vancouver’s “24 Hours” daily paper. There she is, in (not much more than) all her glory. Model Laura Pearlman. Striding confidently across Main Street in mid-day traffic—wearing organic cotton panties—in an eye-stopping photo—below a headline that shouts, “Panties that Mother Earth laid out for you.”  Not only did Laura […]