Idea of The Day: Help! My burger’s been stolen!

>The Idea: On Tuesday I told you about the eye-stopping mannequin painting a ‘Do It Yourself and Save’ message on the outside wall of the D.I.Y. Cabinet Warehouse store in Burnaby, BC. Today, I’m delighted to share a follow-up story from MD regular Gordon Skillen (Executive Director of The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada). […]

Idea of The Week: Who’s got the biggest one?

We’re back. (Hope you missed us.) Special Note: The social media challenge resumes tomorrow and our next Social Media Challenge Meetup gathering will be held this Saturday morning. Please scroll down for details. And please forward this message to everyone you know who needs to become social media savvy. >The Situation: Size matters. Vacationers travel […]

Idea of The Day: How did George Moen hijack the Olympics?

>The Idea: As everybody knows, the IOC slammed any business with a cease-and-desist if they tried to hitchhike on anything related to the Vancouver Olympic Games. Did their embargo work? No. One local business that beat the ban: Blenz Coffee. Blenz was one of “The Gang of Five” Canadian brands that associated themselves with the […]

Idea of The Day: Adult potty training?

> The Idea: Another email (keep those cards and letters coming). From MD Regular (and long time marketing and sales training client), Dennis Thomasson, of Fresh Air Experience Sporting Goods (Ottawa and Thunder Bay, Ontario).  It reads: "When I went to the men’s rooom in Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). I saw a fly in the urinal […]

Idea of The Day: Wanna fight?

> The Idea: Here in Canada last week, the gloves were off – and it was down and dirty. Why? Because every year at this time, our homegrown coffee and donut behemoth, Tim Horton’s, holds its “roll up the rim to win” contest – recognized world wide as one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever. […]

Idea of The Day: How stories get around…

> The Idea: Someone named Laynie Kelly told a blogger named Drew McLelland – who told his readers (including an MD member named Chris Mapson, of Winton Global Homes) – about a cab driver named Frank.  Why? > The Key Point: Well, because Frank is a cab driver with a difference.  How different?  What different? […]

Idea of The Week: This guy saved my life!

 > The Situation: On the phone. With Barry Tupper of FPInnovations in Halifax. Planning a seminar series for his members (people who make beautiful things out of wood before they sell it) in Newfoundland. This is exciting. A chance to get back to the rock. But that’s not today’s item. The item is a little […]

Idea of The Week: It was ‘so’ un-Canadian…

> The Situation: What was it like? The end of a war? Ten thousand weddings held at the same time and place? St. Peter’s Square on Easter Sunday? Halloween in Halifax? (Now ‘that’ is a street party!) People hugging people they’ve never met. Police high-fiving partiers. Everyone screaming, “We’re Number One,” and “Go, Canada, Go,” […]

Today: Who said there’s no free lunch?

 > The Situation: Our intrepid webmaster/programmer, Stephen Young, sent me a recent copy of (the online edition of the Toronto Star), headlining the story of a Montreal restaurant that is pulling out all the stops in an effort to survive the recession. Their current promotion: Free lunch (or “whatever you want to pay”). Read […]

Today: A (very) loonie idea…

 > The Situation: Combine an environmental group, an ad agency and a proposed oil pipeline project, and you get…oil-covered loonies? Yep. In the last month, 200,000 Canadians have received “loonies” (the nickname for Canada’s two dollar coin) in their change—with a black oil slick on one side—covering the image of a loon swimming in water. […]