Today: A “last minute club” for ad space?

 > The Situation: Many of us believe that recessions are at least partially media driven. I started my career as a newspaper journalist and I know that bad news sells papers. (In fact, a bad news day was called a “good news” day.) Anyway. Let’s say that this is at least partially true. Then. Let’s […]

Today: A whole new meaning for “shoe trees”

 > The Situation: I search the internet for idea gems that will light up your day. And today I found a good one. From a website called The product is Lux Silk Nourishment Body Wash, made by Hindustan Lever Ltd. The scene is Singapore. The guerrilla marketing challenge: Communicate the fact that even when […]

Today: “Sock and awe” game’s a big hit!

 > The Situation: A few week’s ago US Prez George Bush dodged a leathery bullet—when a young Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at him during a press conference.  Bad news for the journalist (still in jail). Good news for internet marketer Fubra World in England. Within hours of the shoe pitch, Fubra’s programmers posted a […]

Today: “Talk about a cliff hanger..!”

 > The Situation: Christmas sales may have been down 35 to 40% across the board this year—but not at Mad Dog Source for Sports in Vancouver. Mad Dog owner, Randy (“Mad Dog”) Bishop, kept his numbers up by repeating a sales promotion at his suburban Langley and Abbotsford stores, that has been wildly successful for […]

Today: “Monster truck show…this weekend”

 > The Situation: Do you remember me telling you about the stunt that publicists pulled in New York City, when they launched Spiderman Three? (Where they plucked one urinal from a long row in each public washroom and hung it from the ceiling—with a sign that said, “Spiderman Three, Starts Friday”). Well here is another […]

Today: Classy crustaceans get upscale digs

 > The Situation We’re talking about Whole Foods. Again. But this time we’re talking about how they treat lobsters at their Atlanta location. Here’s the story. About a month ago, the chain pulled live soft shell crabs from all its stores—amid concerns for their quality of life. And now, in a test program, they have […]