Idea of The Week: WIND Mobile tucks customer care message into recruiting ad

>The Situation: This is so smart that I have to believe it’s intentional. It’s an ad. By upstart Canadian cell service, WIND Mobile. And its headline reads: “Hey people. We’re hiring people who treat people like people.” The text goes on to say, “WIND Mobile is launching in your city. And we’re looking to hire […]

Idea of The Day: How did George Moen hijack the Olympics?

>The Idea: As everybody knows, the IOC slammed any business with a cease-and-desist if they tried to hitchhike on anything related to the Vancouver Olympic Games. Did their embargo work? No. One local business that beat the ban: Blenz Coffee. Blenz was one of “The Gang of Five” Canadian brands that associated themselves with the […]

Today: “The mother of all vendors?”

 > The Situation: I was drifting off to sleep. When…it happened again. I woke with a start. Turned on the beside lamp. Grabbed the pen and note pad that are always there. And wrote down the essence of the dream that kept me from sleeping. Want to hear what it was?  > The Idea: The […]

Today: “31 Days of the Dragon…”

 > The Situation: If you’re reading this before breakfast, turn off the toaster, and pay attention. (Yes, your cell phone too. Go on. Turn it off.) Okay, now we’re ready. Today’s article is a tough one. If you are like most MD members, you do not use “social media” (remember that term) to market your […]

Today: “A sassy statement for sustainability”

 > The Situation Page 10. In Vancouver’s “24 Hours” daily paper. There she is, in (not much more than) all her glory. Model Laura Pearlman. Striding confidently across Main Street in mid-day traffic—wearing organic cotton panties—in an eye-stopping photo—below a headline that shouts, “Panties that Mother Earth laid out for you.”  Not only did Laura […]