This week’s Idea: This week’s idea is a lot of hot air!

My iPhone photo of the ReMax balloon: A stunning example of outdoor advertising.

with Neil Godin Whoaa. Around a curve, and just over that little hill…a car stopper. What is it? Up close and personal (maybe 50 feet above the ground) – it’s the ReMax hot air balloon. Sure I’ve seen it before. But that didn’t stop me from sucking in a huge breath – and saying “wow” […]

This weeks Idea: Giant snake on city bus rocks Copenhagen

Giant Snake on Copenhagen Bus

with Neil Godin I love everything about it. The shock value. The technology.  The creative thinking. And the public reaction. Here. Look at this… Now does that – or does that not – look like an actual boa constrictor wrapped around that bus? Look at the detail. The 3D ride-wrapping graphics. And the drama – […]

This weeks Idea: Stay calm. Wine is on the way.


with Neil Godin I often say to clients and speaking audiences that the possibilities in business – and in marketing – are limited only by our imagination. This week, a perfect example. Read on. When I first received this image (in an email from Marketing Dangerously member Julie Pender, I assumed that it was simply […]

This week’s idea: Okay. “This” is Roadside Marketing!

Roadside Hockey sign in Langley, BC

with Neil Godin It stopped me in my tracks. I pulled a left. Into a cul de sac. Turned and went back up the street. Turned into a dusty parking lot. Stopped the car. Grabbed my iPhone. Jumped out and captured this: Are you as excited as I am? Isn’t this brilliant? It isn’t really […]

This week’s Idea: When it comes to standing out Jimy Mac is a standout!

Jimmy Mac Statue

with Neil Godin My idea of a good time is to take a break and surf the net in search of outrageous business promotion ideas – many of which I have shared right here with you. But. This afternoon, while wheeling around the neighborhood running errands, it hit me that I’ve got a fabulous example […]

This week’s Idea: This hockey rink goes out of its way to thank supporters. Do you?

Hockey Rink Ads - Sharpening

with Neil Godin Talking amateur hockey one day with one of its prime movers and shakers on Vancouver Island, friend and client Lorne Winship of Pacific Homes. (Where they design and build custom homes – sustainably – in their climate-controlled plant, instead of on your building site). Somehow we got onto the topic of ice […]