Idea of The Week: Any excuse will do – and I mean it!

 > The Situation: I mean it. Just about any excuse will do when you’re serious about attracting new customers. Any excuse to do what? To give ‘em a compelling reason to try you – or to try you out ‘again’ if they’ve sampled, but still haven’t bought. Here’s an excellent example.  > The Idea: It’s […]

Idea of The Day: They do it for staff – why not for customers?

> The Idea: I needed an ink cartridge. My usual computer shop didn’t have it. In fact, their stock of cartridges could be called skinny at best. So. I drove to a nearby competitor’s store. They had what I needed now, and what I will need in future. Good find. Cheerful clerk. “First time with […]

Idea of The Day: Check this out!

> The Idea: I’m excited. And I don’t know where to start. Okay. At the beginning. An email arrives from MD member, Rev. Angelica Taggart. It says, “Just moved to Baltimore, MD and in looking for furniture stores on line, came across this one.” And what a find. > The Key Point: Rev. Angelica is […]

Today: They came through…

 > The Situation: A couple of days ago, I told you about a coupon offer that I found in a coupon book (oddly enough). It was from a store called Meridian Meats and Seafood. And. As you may recall, they made me an offer that I could not refuse. So. I took that coupon into […]

Today: “Don’t make me an offer I ‘can’ refuse…”

 > The Situation: A coupon book. In my mailbox. I flipped through it. (Hey, last time I found a really good deal on something I really needed.) This time. Hmm. Mainly same old, same old. And I’m feeling my usual gag reflex when I look at some of the offers. (This is an occupational hazard.) […]

Today: “Just six days to go…”

 > The Situation: On March 2, 2009….things change here at Marketing Dangerously…as we grow from a completely free service, to a monthly paid membership service. Wait. Don’t worry. You will still be able to access our daily MD articles—free of charge—on our blog. But our daily emails will only be sent to Gold Members who […]

Today: “Do this, get that,” New York style.

 > The Situation: A write up in the Vancouver Sun. Headline: Love and Marriage in The Big Apple. And here’s the story. Like city hall weddings in any other city hall, city hall weddings in New York City were pretty dreary affairs—conducted in grey bureaucratic offices—by grey bureaucratic bureaucrats. But that was then. Now, The […]

Today: Have they figured it out?

 > The Situation They’re everywhere. In my mail box. On my fax machine. In my newspapers. All over the place. I’m talking about “serious” offers that entice people to become new customers. Here are two examples: 1. A fax offer from Adams Building Maintenance Co. of West Vancouver. Headline: “One month free cleaning. Why?” Then […]