Idea of The Week: A hundred Dollar Hamburger? Believe it!

 > The Situation: An invitation. From neighbor and regular MD contributor, Sandi Gray. To watch the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice. I go. We watch. It’s fun. And (of course) we talk about Marketing Dangerously. Why?  > The Idea: Because it was dangerous for the men’s team to price their burgers at $100 per – […]

Today: “Do this, get that,” New York style.

 > The Situation: A write up in the Vancouver Sun. Headline: Love and Marriage in The Big Apple. And here’s the story. Like city hall weddings in any other city hall, city hall weddings in New York City were pretty dreary affairs—conducted in grey bureaucratic offices—by grey bureaucratic bureaucrats. But that was then. Now, The […]

Today: “What a deal!”

 > The Situation: Yesterday I shared an example of “shopping list selling” at Home Depot (where they displayed a poster telling shoppers what else they need to buy if they plan to lay corrugated roofing. Remember?) Well, that story reminded me of another story, and here it is. The scene was a Windsor Plywood Store—somewhere […]

Today: “You want to do what?”

 > The Situation: “You want to do what?” he asked. “I think we should hang price tags from the chimneys,” I repeated. And. After a few moments of stunned silence, he replied, “Why not—I guess?” The scene was a real estate development near Edmonton, during the deep recession of the 1980’s. I was having a […]

Today: We can learn from city hall?

 > The Situation: Granville and Broadway. Vancouver. One of the city’s busiest intersections. Hustle. Bustle. Traffic. Buses. Horns. Lights. Noise. People crossing in all directions. People dying.  > The Idea: Yes, people die here. The intersection is one of the worst in the city for pedestrian deaths. But. In a burst of creative thinking that […]

Today: “But we put up a sign…”

 > The Situation: It happens all the time. And it hurts. I’m talking about clients (and seminar participants) who are disappointed that something hasn’t worked—when their low-key approach almost guaranteed that it wouldn’t. This came up (again) at a workshop the other day with a group of business owners. These really smart, well intentioned people […]