Idea of The Week: Stuck in the wrong job?

>The Situation: Getting attention is getting easier. Case in point: Look at these photos that Danish personnel agency,, attached to various kinds of vending machines (and a children’s ride). Brilliant? Or what? >The Idea: The idea is to come up with ideas – to step up to the edge of the box – and […]

Idea of The Week: I was forced to write this!

>The Situation: I’ve been pressing everyone – my marketing and sales training clients, and everyone attending my seminars – to start using YouTube. I stress that it’s now the world’s second largest search engine (because people are visual – and this is the most visual medium there is). Anyway, here’s the situation: I’m leafing through […]

Idea of The Week: Social media and the net: a passing fad?

>The Situation: Jackson Triggs. A major Canadian winery. Just announced the introduction of their new label design, ‘Unity.’ Looks good. Why do I tell you this? Because. In their full page ad, there isn’t a word about the company. Or where they’re located. There’s no telephone number. No address. Their website is listed – but […]

Idea of The Day: Springwise delivers bright ideas by the dozen!

>The Idea: Sluggish. Stale. Stuck. We all feel that way, at least at times. A simple solution? Springwise. If you already know about Springwise then you know that ‘this’ is a source of real inspiration – once a week, 52 weeks a year. If you haven’t been tipped off to this site, then this is […]

Idea of The Day: How did George Moen hijack the Olympics?

>The Idea: As everybody knows, the IOC slammed any business with a cease-and-desist if they tried to hitchhike on anything related to the Vancouver Olympic Games. Did their embargo work? No. One local business that beat the ban: Blenz Coffee. Blenz was one of “The Gang of Five” Canadian brands that associated themselves with the […]

Today: “31 Days of the Dragon…”

 > The Situation: If you’re reading this before breakfast, turn off the toaster, and pay attention. (Yes, your cell phone too. Go on. Turn it off.) Okay, now we’re ready. Today’s article is a tough one. If you are like most MD members, you do not use “social media” (remember that term) to market your […]

Today: No, not “The Wall of Gloves…”

 > The Situation It’s that time again. Time to buy a new pair of driving gloves. Why? Because I lost one glove from the last pair—again. So, here I am at Mountain Equipment Co-op in Vancouver—walking up to "The Wall of Gloves." I stop, responding to a tumbling sensation in my stomach. ("Neil, not the […]