Idea of The Day: Wanna fight?

> The Idea: Here in Canada last week, the gloves were off – and it was down and dirty. Why? Because every year at this time, our homegrown coffee and donut behemoth, Tim Horton’s, holds its “roll up the rim to win” contest – recognized world wide as one of the greatest marketing campaigns ever. […]

Idea of The Day: Check this out!

> The Idea: I’m excited. And I don’t know where to start. Okay. At the beginning. An email arrives from MD member, Rev. Angelica Taggart. It says, “Just moved to Baltimore, MD and in looking for furniture stores on line, came across this one.” And what a find. > The Key Point: Rev. Angelica is […]

Today: Beware of “false profits!”

 > The Situation: Big telephone company. Won’t mention the name. Because the big ones are all pretty much the same. I open my telephone bill (for my Canada/USA toll-free number). A lot of minutes in the previous month. That’s good. People are calling. But, because the amount was higher than usual it prompted me to […]

Today: “Just six days to go…”

 > The Situation: On March 2, 2009….things change here at Marketing Dangerously…as we grow from a completely free service, to a monthly paid membership service. Wait. Don’t worry. You will still be able to access our daily MD articles—free of charge—on our blog. But our daily emails will only be sent to Gold Members who […]

Today: “You are cordially invited…”

 > The Situation: I’m in Prince George, BC, working with Marlene Fehr-Power and her great team at Winton Global Homes. It’s evening and I’m about to enjoy dinner at the Coast Inn of the North hotel’s Shogun Restaurant (yes). But it looks like I’ll be making a detour. Because. There, slipped under the door, is […]

Today: Now “this” is a fridge magnet!

 > The Situation: Off to ABBA Dental Wellness Centre yesterday, for my regular cleaning and check-up. Always a great trip because they are a client as well as my dentist, and we’re a bit like family. On this trip, I brought along a brief one-page summary of marketing suggestions for 2009. And. Much to my […]

Today: “Nessun evento. Appena un cioccolato.”

 > The Situation: My mouth is hanging open. And I do not believe what I’m staring at. Here, look over my shoulder and I’ll show you what I mean. Okay, I just finished writing the Marketing Dangerously article about Bosa Foods and their “thank you” chocolates. Now, because I typed the word “mercado” in the […]

Today: “No occasion…just a chocolate.”

 > The Situation: I just left Bosa Foods, the great Italian style super mercado, off Boundary Road in Vancouver. I love the ambience of this place. The cheeses. The breads. The olive oils. The deli. The outdoor café—especially on a warm sunny day (does anyone remember those?). And…now I have a story about Bosa that […]

Today: “You scratch our back…”

 > The Situation I recently told you about Threadless T-Shirts, the on-line purveyor of all things related to cool Tees that aren’t just plain white. When last we spoke of Threadless, our theme was “customer engagement,” and I told you about their strategy of inviting customers (whether they are professional artists, designers, or just plain […]

Today: This joke of the week is no laughing matter

 > The Situation Customer loyalty. It’s the brass ring. The holy grail. Olympic Gold. And it’s supposed to be impossible to generate in today’s era of cut-throat competition and endless choices. But I know that loyalty can be won. And I urge my clients to start every new customer relationship with one single goal in […]