Idea of The Day: A town called Truth or Consequences? Who knew?

>The Idea: Today, a story in Fast Company magazine that you’ve gotta read. Here, I’ll print it for you: “In 1950, NBC’s quiz show ‘Truth or Consequences?’ was one of the most popular shows on radio (and later television). So when the show’s host, Ralph Edwards, announced on the air that he would broadcast from […]

Idea of The Day: Help! My burger’s been stolen!

>The Idea: On Tuesday I told you about the eye-stopping mannequin painting a ‘Do It Yourself and Save’ message on the outside wall of the D.I.Y. Cabinet Warehouse store in Burnaby, BC. Today, I’m delighted to share a follow-up story from MD regular Gordon Skillen (Executive Director of The Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada). […]

Idea of The Day: Is there a dark side to social media?

>The Idea: During our 90-day Social Media Challenge we’re exploring many ways to use social media to build business. Today, The Flip Side – with a brief look at The Dark Side. Case in point: A demolition company. In Vancouver, Canada. Demolishing a downtown office building. No big deal. Except that one wall collapsed onto […]

Today: “Get the clowns out of the kitchen…”

 > The Situation: “It’s time we took breakfast back from the circus clowns,” reads the ad by Denny’s Restaurants. (Placed in Canadian newspapers just a few days ago). The ad continues, “We’re not sure how it happened…but someone decided that pancakes topped with whipped cream, rainbow colored sprinkles, chocolate doo-diddles and gummy animals are the […]

Today: Provocative? You bet. But did it work?

 > The Situation: Today’s topic: Advertising. And how to make it work. Case in point: I picked up a copy of the local rag a couple of weeks ago—and was struck in the eye by a banner ad across the bottom of the front page. More accurately, I was struck by the photo in the […]

Today: A word is worth a thousand pictures…

 > The Situation “There is no such thing as saver’s remorse!” Take a moment to savor these words. Here they are again: “There is no such thing as saver’s remorse!” Kinda profound, huh? For me, these words conjure up images of kids learning to save early in life—and adults buying what they can afford—with cash […]