Idea of The Week: Jim Pattison goes green-really!

>The Situation: A news story about Overwaitea Foods (billionaire Jim Pattison’s Western Canadian food empire – consisting of Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Cooper’s Foods and Urban Fare Stores). And it reads: “Overwaitea Foods  has become the only retailer to sell sustainably grown Coho salmon, farmed on land, in a closed containment system.” If you […]

Today: Classy crustaceans get upscale digs

 > The Situation We’re talking about Whole Foods. Again. But this time we’re talking about how they treat lobsters at their Atlanta location. Here’s the story. About a month ago, the chain pulled live soft shell crabs from all its stores—amid concerns for their quality of life. And now, in a test program, they have […]

Today: “A sassy statement for sustainability”

 > The Situation Page 10. In Vancouver’s “24 Hours” daily paper. There she is, in (not much more than) all her glory. Model Laura Pearlman. Striding confidently across Main Street in mid-day traffic—wearing organic cotton panties—in an eye-stopping photo—below a headline that shouts, “Panties that Mother Earth laid out for you.”  Not only did Laura […]