Idea of The Week: You speed, we pay the ticket?

>The Situation: At Marketing Dangerously we love guerrilla marketing (obviously). And here’s a brilliant example, courtesy of Mental Floss Magazine (“where knowledge junkies get their fix”). Read on… >The Idea: The story involves game maker Acclaim Entertainment of the UK. The idea? The company announced that it would pay all speeding tickets in England on […]

Idea of The Day: Want to attract customers? Start a parade.

>The Idea: Tired. Driving home from the airport. But I perk up, and slow down. Why? Because I’m looking at a parade of three cars just ahead of me. Each with a huge box on top (about the size of a refrigerator). Each adorned with identical signage – promoting a huge sale at Decor Home […]

Idea of The Week: You’re gonna hate me – but I had to do it!

>The Situation: You’re gonna hate me – but I had to do it! >The Idea: They’re sexist, racy, and inappropriate. So. Let’s have a look at ’em. I’m referring to two of the most outrageous car ads chosen by web designer and blogger, Alex Frison, at . The two television spots are included in […]

Idea of The Day: A town called Truth or Consequences? Who knew?

>The Idea: Today, a story in Fast Company magazine that you’ve gotta read. Here, I’ll print it for you: “In 1950, NBC’s quiz show ‘Truth or Consequences?’ was one of the most popular shows on radio (and later television). So when the show’s host, Ralph Edwards, announced on the air that he would broadcast from […]

Idea of The Week: Are you ready for ‘this’ emergency?

>The Situation: This is brilliant. Knowing the reason why many of us avoid crowded city buses, Gillette Right Guard Deodorant marketers hit a home run with what I’m calling ‘the guerrilla marketing campaign of the year.’ See what you think… >The Idea: The idea was to take full advantage of our fear and loathing of […]

Idea of The Day: Quick. Why is this toilet on a roll?

>The Idea: We’ve been talking about traffic-stopping signs and landmarks (like the world’s biggest hockey stick) lately. Today, we turn our attention to whatcha got on your vehicle. And (thanks to MD regular Bill Grant) we’ve got a great example – not just of traffic-stopping signage, but of genuinely dangerous marketing. Here’s the photo Bill […]

Idea of The Week: Who’s got the biggest one?

We’re back. (Hope you missed us.) Special Note: The social media challenge resumes tomorrow and our next Social Media Challenge Meetup gathering will be held this Saturday morning. Please scroll down for details. And please forward this message to everyone you know who needs to become social media savvy. >The Situation: Size matters. Vacationers travel […]

Idea of The Day: Adult potty training?

> The Idea: Another email (keep those cards and letters coming). From MD Regular (and long time marketing and sales training client), Dennis Thomasson, of Fresh Air Experience Sporting Goods (Ottawa and Thunder Bay, Ontario).  It reads: "When I went to the men’s rooom in Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). I saw a fly in the urinal […]

Idea of The Week: How to make it impossible to say no!

 > The Situation: An email. From MD regular, Tom Duguay of Chartex, the distribution/packaging/palleting experts in Edmonton. It reads: “Got a call from COSTCO. The rep wanted to know if they could come by and make a presentation to our staff about membership.” Tom continued: “COSTCO is a great store. But who wants to spend […]

Idea of The Week: This guy saved my life!

 > The Situation: On the phone. With Barry Tupper of FPInnovations in Halifax. Planning a seminar series for his members (people who make beautiful things out of wood before they sell it) in Newfoundland. This is exciting. A chance to get back to the rock. But that’s not today’s item. The item is a little […]