Today’s Challenge: Are my customers really on Facebook? (Part 2)

With Jonathan Christian @jdgem Yesterday, I completed my Social Media Master Class with Kemp Edmonds (@kempedmonds), and Mark Smiciklas (@intersection1).  (You can grab highlights by checking out #smmcyvr on Twitter.) Day by day I realize the more you know, the more there is to know! Last week, we started to consider where our audience is […]

Idea of The Week: What kind of doctor is ‘The Rehab Surgeon?’

>The Situation: Love it. Love it. Love it. I was Googling the term “outrageous guarantees” for a piece I’m writing on differentiation (is that my favorite topic?). And up pops a listing for “The Rehab Surgeon.” The What? The Rehab Surgeon – a contractor who specializes in rehabilitating homes bought by real estate investors for […]

Idea of The Week: End your pain with one spray‏?

>The Situation: I wish I could take credit for this. But I can’t. So I won’t. Instead I’ll just tell you the story. Here we go. I was reading page three of the Province Newspaper (here in Vancouver, Canada). My jaw drops. There, in a banner ad across the bottom of the page, is a message […]

Idea of The Week: A hundred Dollar Hamburger? Believe it!

 > The Situation: An invitation. From neighbor and regular MD contributor, Sandi Gray. To watch the season premiere of Celebrity Apprentice. I go. We watch. It’s fun. And (of course) we talk about Marketing Dangerously. Why?  > The Idea: Because it was dangerous for the men’s team to price their burgers at $100 per – […]

Today: “What a deal!”

 > The Situation: Yesterday I shared an example of “shopping list selling” at Home Depot (where they displayed a poster telling shoppers what else they need to buy if they plan to lay corrugated roofing. Remember?) Well, that story reminded me of another story, and here it is. The scene was a Windsor Plywood Store—somewhere […]