Idea of The Week: Jim Pattison goes green-really!

>The Situation: A news story about Overwaitea Foods (billionaire Jim Pattison’s Western Canadian food empire – consisting of Save-On-Foods, Overwaitea Foods, PriceSmart Foods, Cooper’s Foods and Urban Fare Stores). And it reads: “Overwaitea Foods  has become the only retailer to sell sustainably grown Coho salmon, farmed on land, in a closed containment system.” If you […]

Idea of The Week: WIND Mobile tucks customer care message into recruiting ad

>The Situation: This is so smart that I have to believe it’s intentional. It’s an ad. By upstart Canadian cell service, WIND Mobile. And its headline reads: “Hey people. We’re hiring people who treat people like people.” The text goes on to say, “WIND Mobile is launching in your city. And we’re looking to hire […]

Idea of The Day: Is there a dark side to social media?

>The Idea: During our 90-day Social Media Challenge we’re exploring many ways to use social media to build business. Today, The Flip Side – with a brief look at The Dark Side. Case in point: A demolition company. In Vancouver, Canada. Demolishing a downtown office building. No big deal. Except that one wall collapsed onto […]

Idea of The Day: They do it for staff – why not for customers?

> The Idea: I needed an ink cartridge. My usual computer shop didn’t have it. In fact, their stock of cartridges could be called skinny at best. So. I drove to a nearby competitor’s store. They had what I needed now, and what I will need in future. Good find. Cheerful clerk. “First time with […]

Today: “If you survive your first heart attack…”

 > The Situation: Imagine an ad that reads like this: "If you survive your first heart attack, you ‘will’ change your eating and exercise habits. Or. You could change them now. Your choice." Whaddya think? Pretty compelling? If we were serious about health care (we’re not!), you’d see ads like this everywhere. And. Instead of […]

Today: Recession? What recession? (Part 1: Fear helps!)

 > The Situation: When our events coordinator, Jonathan Christian, asked star DJ (and president of Spitfire Studios Network), Adam Bradley, how he is handling the downturn in the economy, Adam replied, simply, “fear and intimidation.” Huh?  > The Idea: The idea, Jonathan told me, is that when people call Adam to ask about DJ services […]

Today: Classy crustaceans get upscale digs

 > The Situation We’re talking about Whole Foods. Again. But this time we’re talking about how they treat lobsters at their Atlanta location. Here’s the story. About a month ago, the chain pulled live soft shell crabs from all its stores—amid concerns for their quality of life. And now, in a test program, they have […]