Idea of The Day: Check this out!

> The Idea: I’m excited. And I don’t know where to start. Okay. At the beginning. An email arrives from MD member, Rev. Angelica Taggart. It says, “Just moved to Baltimore, MD and in looking for furniture stores on line, came across this one.” And what a find. > The Key Point: Rev. Angelica is […]

Idea of The Day: This is perfect. Have a look…

> The Idea: This is perfect. It’s an email from friend and MD member, Stephen Lin. Of 2Q Creations, a visual design agency. Here in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been advising MD readers (and my ‘live’ clients and audiences) to get on board the O-Train – one way or another – now that the games are […]

Today: The idea of the week is… “The trouble with old fashioned selling”

 > The Situation: I urge my clients (and you) to stop selling the hard way. Stop calling strangers to introduce yourself. Stop trying to get appointments with these people. Stop making pitches to them. Stop making mechanical “follow-up” calls to them. Just stop it. Why? Because. If you have to convince me (or persuade me) […]

Today: “Buen Appetito”

 > The Situation: Said it before. And you know I’ll say it again: "Now is the time to take market share from competitors who are not using it." (Because they’ve reacted to the downturn by cutting back on their marketing and sales.) Today’s example comes from our intrepid seminar Registrar, Doreen Brown. She called to […]

Today: “Just six days to go…”

 > The Situation: On March 2, 2009….things change here at Marketing Dangerously…as we grow from a completely free service, to a monthly paid membership service. Wait. Don’t worry. You will still be able to access our daily MD articles—free of charge—on our blog. But our daily emails will only be sent to Gold Members who […]

Today: Google’s got your number!

 > The Situation: MD member and realtor George Porter, who I mentioned in my article about selling real estate in a falling market—is back on our radar screen. Here, I’ll read you an email he sent me yesterday. “Hi Neil. I just read your Marketing Dangerously article on how to translate text, free of charge, […]

Today: “Sock and awe” game’s a big hit!

 > The Situation: A few week’s ago US Prez George Bush dodged a leathery bullet—when a young Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at him during a press conference.  Bad news for the journalist (still in jail). Good news for internet marketer Fubra World in England. Within hours of the shoe pitch, Fubra’s programmers posted a […]

Today: Now “this” is an email!

 > The Situation: Just received an email from MD member Marj Bird, a stand-out realtor with Coldwell Banker in the picturesque town of Nanton, Alberta. Wow. What an email. Instead of the usual grey text, Marj’s missive is headed with a huge full color photo of the Rocky Mountains—with her portrait inset at the left—and […]

Today: “Do I really want to be deleted?”

 > The Situation: It’s an email. From Kristi Sheraton of Precision Disc Manufacturing in Surrey, BC (makers of the type of CD discs that we use in our Business Builders Tool Kit). And I’ve re-read it four times. Because it is so plain, so simple, and so smart. It starts out by saying…”We have your […]

Today: “But we put up a sign…”

 > The Situation: It happens all the time. And it hurts. I’m talking about clients (and seminar participants) who are disappointed that something hasn’t worked—when their low-key approach almost guaranteed that it wouldn’t. This came up (again) at a workshop the other day with a group of business owners. These really smart, well intentioned people […]