This week’s Idea: “Psst. Want to buy a house cheap?”


 with Neil Godin Another email (keep those cards and letters coming). This time from MD Member, and Mortgage Merlin, John Charbonneau – one of the most active mortgage brokerage marketers we’ve ever encountered. And. Here he goes again. This time, John is using out of the box thinking, plus education-based marketing, to find new and […]

This weeks Idea: Sick of getting no reply to your emails?

The Scream, an 1893 painting by Edvard Munch. Ever feel this way?

with Neil Godin  One of my favorite clients. On the phone. Frustrated. Confused. Resentful. Why? “It’s maddening,” he said. “A prospective customer called me…told me he wants to get to work with me right away. He’s out of town. I told him I have other work to do in his area, and would get back […]

This week’s Idea: Should you (could you) run a contest?

Billy Carpenter-Design a wine wall contest-MD

with Neil Godin  Our client, colleague and friend, Billy Carpenter, proprietor of Vin de Garde Modern Wine Cellars Inc. here in Vancouver, amazes us (again). This time with a contest inviting designers to submit their ideas for a wall mounted wine display system that Vin de Garde will manufacture. This is serious. The winner of […]

This week’s Idea: Truss question? Trust “The Wizard.”

Pacific Truss: Ask the Wizard!

with Neil Godin Trust me. Times are tough in the truss business. (Say that three times without tripping over your tongue).  The truss biz rises and falls with housing starts – and housing starts are flat-lining. When that happens competition is fierce – and, because everyone is so cost-conscious – this favors those who sell […]

This week’s idea: Want a formula for success? Just study everything John Charbonneau does – and then copy it.

John Charbonneau's Newsletter

with Neil Godin How did you like that subject line? You know, “How to avoid getting trapped in voice mail.” (Hey. It intrigued you enough to open it, or you wouldn’t be here.) But I have a confession. I stole that subject line. I pinched it from John Charbonneau, a mortgage broker with The Mortgage Group. And […]

This week’s Idea: Go big, or go home!

Jonathan Speaking

with Neil Godin An email. From good friend and colleague, Jonathan Christian. Inside, an offer. It isn’t confidential so here, have a look: “Hey everyone – as you may have heard I have recently totally revised our Social Media 101 workshop to bring it right up to date with all the big changes at Google […]

This week’s idea: A direct mail piece that oozes credibility!

Tracey Bosch-Langley's #1 Realtor

with Neil Godin Rumors of the death of direct mail have been (wildly) exaggerated, as Mark Twain would say. Here’s proof. For the second time in the same number of weeks, this flyer literally popped out of my mail. Printed one side. Folded. Two color. With print on the outside and the headline visible above […]

Idea of The Week: Is it s-p*a-m yet?

>The Situation: I get the same question again and again. “How often should I send marketing emails to people in my data base?” And… “What should I write about?” And, “When is it s-p*a-m?” Etc. My answer is simple and clear, and always the same. Read on. >The Idea: The idea (and my answer) is […]

Idea of The Week: Let’s head for sunny Sonoma!

>The Situation: It’s the dead of winter here in Vancouver – and that means grey days, long nights, lots of rain, and flocks of snowbirds heading south. But we can’t all go – so – we have to find alternatives. MD regular Ellen Edwards sent us an email this week telling us about one of […]

Idea of The Week: Have you tried word of mouse advertising?

>The Situation: Here at MD we love Kiva, the organization that makes micro-loans to budding entrepreneurs in the developing world (or what MD member, Jennifer Holland, calls ‘the majority world’). Why do we love Kiva? Two reasons. One, they’re not a typical charity – when you contribute money, you make a loan to a deserving […]