Idea of The Week: Thinking newsletter? Here’s a great example!

>The Situation: An email. From L&W Restoration in Aldergrove, BC. Subject line: December Newsletter. Of course I open it, because owners Walter and Lori Kneip are not only long-time MD subscribers, they have also worked on my home (and did a brilliant job). Why do I want to share a bit of their story? Because […]

Idea of The Day: Ordinary business. Powerful website. Come have a look.

>The Idea: I’m preparing to do a seminar series on ecommerce. I find a ‘note to Neil’ to check out Sign-A-Rama Burnaby’s website – because – they now offer a 10% discount to people who follow them on Twitter. Bright idea. So I visit their website. And I am blown away. This is a regular […]

Idea of The Week: Social media and the net: a passing fad?

>The Situation: Jackson Triggs. A major Canadian winery. Just announced the introduction of their new label design, ‘Unity.’ Looks good. Why do I tell you this? Because. In their full page ad, there isn’t a word about the company. Or where they’re located. There’s no telephone number. No address. Their website is listed – but […]

Idea of The Day: Everything old is new again?

> The Idea: Quote from a realtor: “Everyone who contacts me…started off by going to my website. They’ve all read about me online. It’s all about exposure (on the net).” These are the words of David Batori, a Re/Max realtor – speaking to The National Post newspaper. And. Here is another quote – this time […]

Today: “Sock and awe” game’s a big hit!

 > The Situation: A few week’s ago US Prez George Bush dodged a leathery bullet—when a young Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at him during a press conference.  Bad news for the journalist (still in jail). Good news for internet marketer Fubra World in England. Within hours of the shoe pitch, Fubra’s programmers posted a […]

Today: “May 2009 be your best year ever!”

 > The Situation: It’s a brand new year. And here at MD we’re excited. Why? Because at long last we’re ready to launch “Marketing Dangerously Gold.” MD Gold is the paid membership version of your e-letter/blog—and it adds huge value to the basic version. But wait. Don’t panic. The free version will continue—it will simply […]

Today: “31 Days of the Dragon…”

 > The Situation: If you’re reading this before breakfast, turn off the toaster, and pay attention. (Yes, your cell phone too. Go on. Turn it off.) Okay, now we’re ready. Today’s article is a tough one. If you are like most MD members, you do not use “social media” (remember that term) to market your […]

Today: My own personal web page? Wow?

 > The Situation The envelope please… (long pause.)  And, the winner is…  Why it’s you—if you do all the right things with your direct mail advertising. But these days, that’s getting trickier. In the old days, you sent a card or letter to your mailing list. Hoped it would get opened. And hoped there would […]