This week’s Idea: Direct Mail is Dead. Long Live Direct Mail!

Dave Dubeau - direct mail in clear plastic

with Neil Godin In my (snail) mail box – an (other) package from Dave Dubeau.  I mean “another” package because I get many packages from Dave. And I mean an “other” package because this is like no “other” package that I’ve ever seen. Lemme explain. No. First lemme show you: Dave, who runs two very […]

This week’s idea: A direct mail piece that oozes credibility!

Tracey Bosch-Langley's #1 Realtor

with Neil Godin Rumors of the death of direct mail have been (wildly) exaggerated, as Mark Twain would say. Here’s proof. For the second time in the same number of weeks, this flyer literally popped out of my mail. Printed one side. Folded. Two color. With print on the outside and the headline visible above […]

Today: Today: A minor act of genius…

 > The Situation: As I mentioned again recently, bulky direct mail pieces get opened (you know that), because they hold out the promise of a little goodie inside. Now, imagine that it’s Christmas (or any other occasion where people gift and greeting card each other). And…that the direct mail piece in question is a Christmas […]

Today: “The envelope, please…”

 > The Situation Yesterday I talked about multi media marketing. Today, I want to isolate one element from the example I used yesterday. (Remember? I mentioned that Andrew Barber-Starkey used direct mail as part of his marketing of a seminar series titled, “The Q Solution,” featuring Alan Jaques). What I didn’t tell you, was that […]

Today: My own personal web page? Wow?

 > The Situation The envelope please… (long pause.)  And, the winner is…  Why it’s you—if you do all the right things with your direct mail advertising. But these days, that’s getting trickier. In the old days, you sent a card or letter to your mailing list. Hoped it would get opened. And hoped there would […]

Today: “To the bank, Jeeves.”

 > The Situation I’m holding two different direct mail pieces in my hands (actually, I just put them down so I could type this). And it’s striking how different they are. One is an unappealing pink folder that congratulates me on the 30th anniversary of my company—while stating the name of my company incorrectly. Then […]

Today: This joke of the week is no laughing matter

 > The Situation Customer loyalty. It’s the brass ring. The holy grail. Olympic Gold. And it’s supposed to be impossible to generate in today’s era of cut-throat competition and endless choices. But I know that loyalty can be won. And I urge my clients to start every new customer relationship with one single goal in […]